's progress update - April 25th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

GreatAlbum helps you catalog & auto organize your photos/videos and relive experiences with family & friends.

What are your KPIs?
Pitch to founders/investors/incubators in March-May
Goal: 25 by May 31st
Current: 22 (Last week: 22)
1000 google photos imported via API
Goal: 1,000 by May 31st
Current: 267 (Last week: 267)
Beta users + waiting list members
Goal: 100 by May 31st
Current: 38 (Last week: 31)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

Beta5 Sprint 25% done redesign implemented
Meet ML engineers - design pattern engine
Pitch 3 founders/investors/F&F
1-2 Blog posts

Beta5 sprint - refocused team; narrowed scope
Google Photos debugging
Met ML engineers; kicked off pattern matching project
6 pitches to founders/investors/f&f, making tons of improvements
Reviewing 50 CVs - DevOps & UI/UX roles

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

Beta5 Sprint 50% done redesign implemented
Interview DevOps & UI/UX candidates
2-min product video
Revise pitch deck & business plan
1-2 Blog posts

What would you like feedback on from the community? new landing page

Project website

metacity · 518d ago

Great project and progress!
Landing page is very good, clear and inviting!

Regarding your pitch, take a look at the following examples:
Hope this helps!

Good luck! · 518d ago

Excellent project! I recommend that you review the marketing part, the added value to the customer and the financing very well. On the other hand, in the development process, it may be a good idea to work together with other entrepreneurs. We finance companies like yours with collective financing methods, I'll be happy to help, just send an email to, keep going. · 518d ago

It's interesting. However, I can't say what is a unique point of your product compare to the other online photo album. · 518d ago

This is a really interesting project and a great progress update!

I had a bit of difficulty understanding your concept from the landing page.

I noticed you don't have any explainer/demo video on your landing page! This could be a good way to quickly & effectively explain your concept to prospective users. If you can't make one yourself; I'd recommend checking out Fiverr:

Best of luck! (:

akashwani · 518d ago

The idea and design are very cool. I am quite surprised that Google photos, Instagram do not do this. Something that may be valuable is to talk about why your product is unique compared to those products (that are free?). Have you been able to procure paying customers? May be a useful metric to track. Best of luck!

This is a great idea and i like it. Keep it up! · 518d ago

I love your KPI chart! I think your pitch deck should reduce more and more. here is my Pitch here is my project site Good luck!

PONS · 518d ago

your new LP looks good. You should add more CTA buttons · 518d ago

Erik! It was great to see you again last week! I'll get right to the feedback because I love your project and thank there's a lot of low hanging fruit with respect to you deck:

1. New Landing Page - it's fine but your logo is hard to read on web (colors, fonts/size, etc)
2. Deck
a. Way too much text (try to start fresh with one sentence per slide 1st)
b. Your suggests validation - pull it back a stage
Great job!