DevFit - Compete for Best Fit Programmer
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Project description:
Compete with other developers to be the most fit.

Team members:

Git repo:


yunyu · 854d ago

Now this is something we really need to gamify - time to do some push ups!

mendes · 854d ago

Cool concept, and love the design!

david · 854d ago

Yay for devs getting more fit! Wanted to do some pushups to wake myself up a bit, but having some trouble signing up: getting a 500 internal server error for

radihuq · 854d ago

It was great working on this project this weekend - I'm pretty proud of what we managed to produce given our limited knowledge of the technologies we decided to use. Hope you guys enjoy!

Tech stack: NextJS, React, Prisma, Postgres

nell-633724 · 854d ago

Competitive, fitness... Count me in. Great idea

ayush · 854d ago

Nice Idea. · 854d ago

Cool design, and definitely a relevant problem space

john-vandivier · 854d ago

nextjs+prisma2 is super cool, new tech <3

fit apps are cool, social+gamified = much better, programmer-focused = that brilliant stroke that separates it from the pack · 781d ago

Great idea! Is it still live somewhere?