Cozyroom: Spatial peer-to-peer audio chat
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Project Description:
Spatial peer-to-peer audio chat for casual spaces: house parties, virtual coffee shops, poetry readings, and more!

Talk to each other with 3d spatialized audio, listen to music synchronously on the boom box or have a spontaneous dance party in the living room.

Try it out:
(if the audio doesn't connect, try reloading the page)

Video demo:

Initial "concept" sketches:

Team Members:
Azlen Elza
Jon Borichevskiy

Git repo:

pavlegoloskokovic · 769d ago

Very cozy!

Try our cozy place and let us now how it feels :)))))

spock-861686 · 769d ago

Sheesh I need this. · 769d ago

This is pretty cool. Love the concept!

sethguy · 769d ago

fun idea, that helps bring a physical-ness, and sense being there, or here, or anywhere in the room

rishi_t · 770d ago

Have been looking for something like this!! Love the idea

azlenelza · 769d ago

Great! make sure to come check it out, we've put up a link to the demo :)

weaver · 768d ago

This is some great work!

A friend of mine and I are thinking about building something like this that slots into video games and integrates with Discord. Would love to hear the biggest challenge you dealt with while working on this! · 769d ago

Good job! Ask me if you're need more graphics and better gameplay :)

sean_solo · 769d ago

Curious to hear about the tech you used for the audio sharing? Did you find it worked well?

yunyu · 769d ago

Would be even cooler if you guys added stereo support - that way people would really feel like they were in the same room!

braddwyer · 769d ago

Was I supposed to be able to hear other people? I could see my guy's mouth moving.

bhaprayan · 769d ago

sweet! this would be super fun to use :D

sean_solo · 769d ago

Love this. Feels on theme to the the project we worked on! Great work!

snoreflex · 769d ago

Haha def giving this a shot

josefran · 769d ago

Love that you can poke!

quocanh · 769d ago

The arrows are kind of phallic and it's making my day

gandalf-999529 · 769d ago

Loove the idea

obi-wan-kenobi-712232 · 769d ago

Like it !

dnhuan · 769d ago

Creative! Keep it up.

nell-182215 · 769d ago

Fun idea! Great work