A Cockroach guideline
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A few years ago, I started a trip with only $300 and a two-week plan. It was just for a meeting at a university. I thought that it would be the end of a story.

If you are a startup or indie researcher, this is for you.

Funding: Find your alliance.

*If you are still in a research phase with ideas, try to have proof of concepts and unknown deadlines, the best place is university and grant. They have machines, technicians, and a team to help you move progress. Avoid investors or any kind of equity fund. Cash only help if you have a plan in a period of 12-18 months, often for growth (or marketing)

*Find an accelerator at the pre-seed or seed stage. For me, it was when I need more resources that a university can not support., e.g. computing power. My accelerator, Pioneer, plays an important role. They gave free good books. $100K AWS. $100K Google Cloud. And much more.

*Hunt deals. For example, Stripe, Segment, Airtable have their partnership with many other startups. They heavily discount or give you free service or credits. In overall, it could save up $500K-1M in the first 2 years.

More here: https://empowerment.substack.com/p/a-cockroach-guide-a-practical-surviving

jerico · 214d ago

the cockroach lifestyle! nice. what is your project now // how are things going?

ptmn · 213d ago

Thanks. Still going on every day till now.