[12/8 12pm PST] Live Project Feedback with Daniel Gross
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We're no longer accepting new questions for this event. Stay tuned for the next one.


We're hosting another player feedback session! Our founder Daniel will publicly answer questions and give feedback to projects in the Pioneer Tournament.

Post your questions below by Monday 12/7! We'll select 10 or so to cover during the event. Questions can be general (e.g. What are the most important qualities in a first hire? When should you worry about competitors?) or specific to your project (e.g. Should I be thinking about monetization? Do I have the right KPIs?). No need to describe your project—we have access to your project description & progress updates.

Check out the last one here.

snounds · 531d ago

Hey Daniel and Pioneer family!
If your product is believed to help two different types of users who do you target first? example: uber - people need rides / Drivers earn extra income

joemasilotti · 531d ago

Hey Daniel and Pioneer folks!

I would love some insight on how I can start reaching more people in my target audience.

Product Hunt and BetaList launches show an uptick for a week or so but quickly die off. I need something that is more consistent. Thanks in advance!

GrowthChannel.io · 533d ago

Hi Daniel,
Would love to get your feedback on our homepage specifically. We are reworking it at the moment, and will really appreciate your thoughts on the messaging, structure and overall UX.
Here it is: growthchannel.io
Thanks & see you on Tuesday!

mindaugas.galvosas · 534d ago

How could pioneer teams partner more for mutual growth? any examples from your experience? I now think of talking to PlasticScore for mutual support, as evidence shows there is a link between plastic pollution and dementia risks; both might get more visible and attractive for some media coverage - what do you think? in this early stage, we all probably look for traction and explore various channels, so your ideas or examples of how mutual growth was reached thanks to some partnerships would be great! thanks!

dominik · 533d ago

Wow! Awasome idea! Mutual support would be something great! Eg. when your startup achieves top 100 globally, you can give some points for mutual actions etc. It would be great for building the community!

tosh · 529d ago

hi Daniel

Apple Silicon Games is a website on game compatibility and game performance for Apple's new ARM-based Macs

We were on the Hacker News frontpage today and recently featured on Daring Fireball:



What's your take on how to grow the audience for Apple Silicon Games?

(got a lot of great feedback today from fellow Pioneers, thanks everyone for filling out the feedback forms!)

sunny500 · 531d ago

Is there any plan to promote and consider 3Dprinting technology,addictive technology (AM ) which is the future of manufacturing in this hub at all? also i want to ask maybe i got the right KPI s

phaethon-psichis · 531d ago

Hi Daniel and the Pioneer Team,
We are building a for-profit cooperative kickstarter for climate projects to benefit members and the society at large.
Our monetization model is subscription-based 10$/month. Members can purchase additional voting rights to increase voting weight. At what point can we start inviting members to pay? How do we get to market?

MillionAPI.com · 531d ago

Hi Daniel and the Pioneer Team,

About our MVP: http://dyno.to

What should our next step be,
Improving our models to get more relevant product alternatives,
or, supporting more sites other than Amazon & eBay,
or, adding new features like tracking prices & availability.

Thank you.

mirr.tech · 531d ago

Hi Daniel and team,

We really appreciated the advice last time! We ended up having to rebuild our entire website because the data got wiped this week. And we're waiting for lockdown to lift to get that photoshoot!

Our question is, have you got any tips on fulfilling pre-orders, for hardware projects? Should we wait until we hit a milestone (say 20 pre-orders) and release them all in one batch at once, or ship the 10 orders we have now and then trickle out any more as they come in? We are making units ourselves so production doesn't scale right now.

Thank you!
Alice and Jack of Mirr
P.S. we're loving the hats!

michaeljelly · 531d ago

Hey Daniel & team! Our question: A core value of ours is users aren't the product - should we be charging users already, or should we try to go viral, get big and then find something to charge for?

We think it might be good to charge early to signal to users they're our core customer/priority.

andrew-miit.co · 531d ago

Hopefully will get this answer as we're in the same boat.

nathanganser · 531d ago

What do you think is the AHA moment for our product ? (Nat.app - personal CRM)

We just launched our V2 - it's of course clunky, but is it just good enough?

ahmadibrahim · 532d ago

Hey Daniel,

Do you think backers/funders are willing to back a startup on a crowdfunding platform just because they like the idea and without getting a package in return. And what is the best way to pursadd backers to fund a startup on a crowdfunding app?

Thank you

andrew-miit.co · 531d ago

Hi Ahmad, we've just launched our crowdfund campaign now (https://miit.co/launch). If you email me at andrew@miit.co I'd be happy to share our learnings with you.

lukeh · 532d ago

Hiya Daniel,

How would you go about selling a business formalization product to people who know nothing about business things?


bashirbashir · 532d ago

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for doing this. How do you reduce onboarding friction?

adriankrebs · 533d ago

Hi Daniel!

The biggest asset of our platform (https://www.buyforlifeproducts.com) is credibility and trustworthiness.
- How would you transparently announce that we have paid partnerships with companies, but they are not getting any unfair advantages? i.e they don't rank higher in our search results etc., but they could add additional products/data to the page, respond to questions from users, or integrate our widget on their website/shop.
- How should we approach possible partners? Should we just cold-email the manufacturers?

Mike · 533d ago

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the harsh feedback last time.
Thanks to the feedback, I've implemented a few things on the homepage:

- Better headline
- Better selection of trends (we now spot 1 relevant trend every 140 signals we analyze)
- Description on the trend cards so you know what the trend is about
- Moved up the section on Treendly vs Google Trends (#1 question people have)

Let's keep this rolling. What should I improve on my homepage?

kumar_abhirup · 533d ago

Hi Daniel!

I am Kumar Abhirup, I am 17yo, building propagate.at

PropagateAt helps creators to market newsletters on Email, WhatsApp & SMS & also earn money on subscribers.
Basically, Substack for SMS.

I don't really need feedback on the landing page currently because it is gonna change soon reflecting the change in the goals of the startup. I started propagate.at as an online marketing tool for all platforms like WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Telegram, Slack, Discord but then realized I should only focus on one thing first. So, I call propagate.at the Substack for SMS. And will currently only focus on SMS.

Question: Do you think it is the right strategy?

These are all the dashboard screenshots: https://bit.ly/3bYXC5H
You can also try the product demo here: http://bit.ly/patsecret

Feedback on the dashboard or the demo, anything will be hugely appreciated! Also, a follow-up question.
Does being a minor (below 18) student lessen the chances of getting funded even if there is some traction?

amaljolly · 533d ago

Hi Daniel!

Amal from hyperr here.

Hyperr is an on demand delivery platform for groceries and more (like favor and postmates tailored for the UK).

When there are well funded incumbents like deliveroo and Ubereats are releasing products in competition to ours, how do I stay relevant in the competition and survive to thrive eventually.

jameel · 533d ago

Hi Daniel - Jameel here from Fall In.

Question one (active duty Military):
We have found tremendous demand from our active-duty military users to purchase portable ID card reader's to solve the pain point of waiting in line to use Government computers; instead, these portable ID card readers allows our service members to use their personal laptops to access DOD sites from the comfort of their barracks. We currently acquire our ID card readers from Amazon.

How would you advise us to work on manufacturing our own portable ID card readers to serve our active-duty Military? An example we’re solving for https://militarycac.com/index.htm

Question two (Military Veterans):
How do we think about a monetization model for our platform that serves veterans endeavoring to reach their goals, i.e land a job, take the LSAT’s, while our competitors offer a freemium model? We've been tinkering with the idea of a deferred payment plan. Another revenue model could be using the GI BILL, however, it will take us over a year or so to be qualified. An example we’re solving for https://www.marineea.org/index.php/for-employers-menu/list-your-company/62-marine-for-life.

Thank you for your time

commudle.com · 533d ago

Hey Daniel,

We are reaching 25k user sign ups soon, out of which at least 75% people have interacted by sharing information on the web application.
We've been working on securing our angel/pre-seed and are preparing some initial questions. How to answer when someone listens to the amount we're asking for and says 'it is probably too early' (this is quite a common scenario when the product is working but their investment begins at 1.5 times the amount we're asking for).

sidharth_vijayan · 533d ago

Hi Daniel,

How do I bring about interest in a product that pushes/compels people to get out of their cozy comfort zone? Our app expects the user to let go the comforts of their couch/home and hit the streets/trail to run, even if that means a 2min stroll/walk/run to complete 200M. - Essentially how can I motivate 'behavior change'?

Product Webpage: https://teloruns.com
Product Open Beta: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.telo_11


sam@novamoney · 533d ago

Hi Daniel, I have 2 questions:
1) How to build an online community on a boring topic people don't like talking about? (saving money)
2) In the current economic context, would you recommend Cash Coach to focus on user growth or on proving a business model in order to successfully raise a Seed round? How many months of "good metrics" should we have before starting fundraising?

alexcarrabre · 533d ago

Hey Daniel - we're hosted our first test class on Saturday (12/5) & would love to get your feedback on the design/functionality of the app (both influencer & member sides) if you get the chance.


Also, we're doing about 4-5 test classes over the next few weeks with influencers who have decent sized audiences (10-300k) as we gear up for the new years fitness push. How should we think about inspiring them to scream from the mountain tops to their following about our product & how should we think about tapping into their networks?

affordance.app · 533d ago

Hi Daniel, thanks for doing this! I would love feedback on :
- landing page
- how to approach VC's without a network?
- how to choose between free vs paywalled communities
- how to approach experts to try a new thing (platform)

elias@guineapig.app · 533d ago

Hi Daniel,
I'd love to get your feedback on our landing page.
- Do you understand what we do?
- Does it make you excited to try it out?
- How would you describe us to a friend?

timeOS.co · 533d ago

Hey Daniel! What difference, pitfalls, and upsides you see in raising pre-seed, hiring the first 10 people, and overall going from 0 to 1 as a solo founder?

For context: I consider myself a full-stack founder, meaning I can write code, design, sell, talk to people (users, investors, etc), and also have a solid vision for the product I'm building. I had built 2 companies where I had co-founders before so it's not the first one for me.

Subquestion: If I decided to stay as the only founder is it a common practice to allocate to the option pool 25-35% of the company and is it actually makes the difference to have a larger option pool?

Thank you!

Amara · 533d ago

Thank you, Daniel. Please what should a migrant consider when choosing a citizen co-founder. What should he not compromise? And when do we say it's time to break up or sell this business and go our separate ways?

benlindsay · 533d ago

Hi Daniel, what do you think the most important thing is to consider when choosing a project to work on?

danielchen · 534d ago

Hey Daniel,

Super excited by everything you're doing with Pioneer! As context, we've had some minor success in validating demand for what we're building by putting up a quick landing page and driving traffic through consulting-focused communities (e.g., Reddit, Fishbowl, top business schools, etc.).

Two questions:
1) How heavily would you weight these email signups as "proof of demand"? On the one hand, we're cognizant that an email signup != valuable user; but on the other hand, we don't think it's crazy to say that we have some evidence we're building something interesting (especially given we're still pre-product).
2) What key risks would you focus on de-risking at this point? Our top priority now is to set up the ML model and training data to start generating predictions based on what people are typing, and see what sort of accuracy we can get to based on our initial set of ~3000 slides or so. The plan is then to go raise an initial pre-seed based on the combination of: our backgrounds, the preliminary proof of demand, and the preliminary proof that we can generate useful slides from text. Are there other things you would focus on, if you were in our shoes at the moment?