Building Uber for cooks
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Join us if you interested in helping people to order and receive food, during CIVD19 in Africa. Find on slack @Eid John or Whatsapp me +255712370087

eidjohn · 853d ago

Hey everyone, we could still develop this, I'm glad to find your comments, and how about we go on zoom if you are all available

imbue · 854d ago

Attracted to the title - is there a service like that in Africa? There is a company out of North Carolina I think that just raised a series A with a bunch of celebs. Would be curious if you could do something like this but also for ghost kitchens like Cloud Kitchens

eidjohn · 853d ago

Lets make this happen, I have the whole concept · 854d ago

cooking is fun

parzival-427448 · 854d ago

this will be great for getting fresh-cooked meals without dealing with complicated delivery systems

david · 854d ago

I like the premise of an uber for cooks— doesn't look like y'all had a chance to update the wixsite site much, but would love to hear more about how it works!

eidjohn · 853d ago

Never had a chance we were a team of two only, and non of us are full into coding but designers

nell-182215 · 854d ago

Same comment :)

nmtan · 854d ago

Was going to say the same thing. Fun concept that could definitely be a hit with the right execution.

eidjohn · 853d ago

would you like to help build it ?