's progress update - September 7th, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

content to inspire starting a crisis-prepared life style after our own movement from the city to the country side. cheap and convenient.

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

43rd week

finish the garden automation, sure re and visit a few projects aligned with our values.

our lives here at ahoxus have hardly been affected by the covid19. during the lockdown, everything was much easier for us. now we're still looking for our position in all this.

44th week
not a thing.

- garden automation is still on its way. water pressure is being a bitch.

- site have been marginally revamped. i intended to have a new host.

- just 1 project confirmed openness to visit, this next week.

planning accomplishment needs lots of structure

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

taking a trip about 8 days out:
- visiting the project near porto, looking for inspiration.
- also look for trailer pieces, to fix rain leakage issue mainly.
- and a couple of friends down south, who have visited us before, offered great help and might join ahoxus in the future.

What would you like feedback on from the community?

again: how much do you think you could save by changing your life style in a similar fashion? and what do you think are the drawbacks?

Project website

studiocinematic · 448d ago

The website is unclear, and yes I've also read the "common points..."
Anyway - about changing my life in a similar fashion. I would live a bit outside the city, but not by much. Drawbacks: pretty much everything (buying stuff will be a lot harder, everything will be harder than in the city) · 448d ago

we don't miss buying stuff!

everything becomes much easier, given the basics are covered... in my specific case, even without all the basics, i find most things easier.

namely, the things that are harder are the basics not yet covered (such as hot shower and an oven, for instance). but that's mostly because i don't personally need them right now and so i'm looking for the cheapest possible way to make them good.

you should try to visit somewhere like tamera. most ecovillages are greatly different from each other, but if you're interested or intrigued enough to dig this deep, there's a good chance you'll find out why, little by little, if you continue going on.

and thanks so much for your input!

studiocinematic · 448d ago

I do get what you're saying. Good luck with your stuff!
Perhaps I will look into this more when I'll have kids, but that will be 4-5 years from now ;) · 444d ago

haha, from almost everyone else i hear the exact opposite excuse: "i could've move more like this if i didn't have kids".

however, there are communities that work together to raise kids, where the elder mostly take care and help developing them, and they don't even have the concept of parenting, so the kid doesn't have a "owner" or responsible couple as much as they kind of choose their own path with their affinities and always guided.

in any case, fair enough. wish you best of luck on your journey! ;)

studiocinematic · 444d ago

Yes, I have read a bit of Osho a few good years back. Same to you, best of luck on your journey! · 443d ago

the only data point i've got from "osho", if we're taking about the same thing, ever was 1 dance session, around July 2019, while in tamera.

studiocinematic · 443d ago

Hi, probably we're not talking about the same Osho - he's written hundreds of books ;) · 448d ago

The bravest, most real project here.
So goo to see you and read your words again.
(Watching the new Ch.Kaufman movie I thought about you)

Never stop. #neverdidnewerwill

Probably don’t matter, but you got our vote. · 448d ago

never heard of anomalisa before, if that's the movie you meant. gonna have to check it out...

the vote really doesn't matter, but when you say it like that, it suddenly matters a lot!

thanks for so many kind words. we can't get enough of those.

ps: i've tried vixt before, it's a funny concept. hope it'll turn into a new way of communication or something. :-) · 448d ago

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beweb3 · 448d ago

Nice concept · 448d ago

it couldn't be nicer!

cjb · 448d ago

Good luck! · 448d ago

thanks! good luck to your ai companions too. ^_^

bilbo-baggins-755213 · 448d ago

Interested to know more about the product. · 448d ago

any questions in specific?

"the product" is still very much faceless. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ · 449d ago

no further comments this week...

i just feel like we're going through many waves of summer sorry if introspection in the past few updates and it's just what it is.

let's keep on moving! · 443d ago

*some sort of introspection! lol