Tracking ratings from players...
Shared by meganadams · 144d ago · 4 comments

Is there any way to track what my ratings from players are week-to-week to see if I've had a good week/bad week or if I'm in some sort of a pattern? Thanks!

dominik · 144d ago

In just choose a date and then "View feedback".

Masa · 144d ago

You can browse from link;{streak_number}/feedback

`streak_number ` is an incremental number so you can see past ratings by decrement it.
Current number is "500"

Note: I don't know why but the number sometimes leaps. From my memorandum - 500, 499, 498, 497, 464...

So the best way is taking records on your own responsibility every week. I do it every week :)

ashwinsk · 144d ago

Don't think that Pioneer has this feature yet. KPI tracking through the Ticker is probably the closest you can get to that.

meganadams · 144d ago

Thank you! I'll keep my personal trackers going. :)