Overall % of Pioneers that have advanced to any one of the Gold/Plat/1M offers?
Shared by sidgarimella · 485d ago · 3 comments

Are these stats public?

There's naturally some level of discretion in extending these offers, but it seems a useful data point for Pioneers to validate when accepting the 1% offer (not to discredit the value of the publicity and accelerator in any way).

With any equity stake, I'd think it a particularly important consideration considering there is no significant capital commitment upfront. Seems reasonable then to instead evaluate offer terms at least partly on the probability and magnitude of future investment instead.

cilliancollins · 484d ago

As far as I know there's never been a 1M offer, but maybe I'm wrong. It'd be nice to see the stats for sure.

rememberlenny · 485d ago

Likely a low percentage. For Pioneers in past, I believe people were chosen based on proven traction, and prove your ability to build quickly,

sidgarimella · 485d ago

I think the metric I'd like to confirm the most here is that this is currently at least non-zero. Understanding how much is incentive to sign the initial offer vs. actual capital commitment to portco's could tell us if the fund is closer to a cameo or a yc, at least from a $ perspective