What no-code tools that you find very interesting?
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I am building a no-code education platform and want to know what no-code tools that you really like or even seem impossible in theory but it works?

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edition.so · 737d ago

we just released https://edition.so in private beta. We built a no-code all-in-one community-building platform. We would love to talk to you even though this might not be a good fit. My email is kuldeep@edition.so

manojranaweera · 736d ago

Looks awesome. Love to have a Wordpress plugin that does what offer for https://techcelerate.ventures. Bit fed up going elsewhere. We started with Slack, then WhatsApp and then http://iatropartners.co.uk/ (one of our tech companies). When Covid 19, hit, went back to WhatsApp and that's where we are right now. Your product looks awesome though. Only visited the home page.

edition.so · 734d ago

Thanks. Yes, it can integrate with Wordpress as well. Slack and WhatsApp are great when group is small, but it becomes hard to scale on those platforms. Happy to setup a demo if you are interested to try.

John_CropSafe.io · 739d ago

We've spent quite a lot of time at CropSafe evaluating no/low-code tools. Mainly because of the super fast iteration speed they enable compared to building full-stack applications. Our app is entirely built with Bubble and packaged for the iOS & Android app store through Thunkable. We've spent a lot of time with other tools such as Adalo, Glideapps and Bravostudio. However, nothing comes close to the functionality Bubble offers. You can pretty much replicate most software products, websites and mobile apps with it; eBay, Netflix, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, Reddit, you name it. It may not be the best tool for the job and you'll likely be looking for small tricks to get the most minor things to work, but you can have something quite substantial built in a few days.

Tnumber_App · 739d ago

Thanks for the nice feedback about Bubble. Just want to ask you something. How does Bubble no-code platform handles the logics? Let's say Tinder clone app. Can bubble handes the logics. Right swipes etc.

nokode.id · 739d ago

Thanks man! such an inspiring story. Will definitely check Bubble and added it to my future course in nokode.id . Do you mind to share your learning curve on Bubble? What are the challenges?

DotDotJames · 740d ago

oh wow -- just took a look at glide -- very interesting -- the ease of glitch with a more professional flair. For what you're wanting to do, Bubble would be good for the web app side and package that up for mobile.

nokode.id · 740d ago

Nice, many people are recommending Glide. Worth to try I guess!

DotDotJames · 740d ago

Knack.com is great if just need database and want to get going quickly. Bubble.io is good if want better UX or need 3rd-party OAuth. Either works if beyond GSheets stage. Most of the others are variants of those, e.g., Tadabase is a Knack competitor, whereas UIbaker is a Bubble competitor.

This Pioneer app is a different take on low-code and interesting in its own right, https://remaketheweb.com/

nokode.id · 740d ago

wow I never heard of others aside from Bubble. Great resources man!

santi · 741d ago

I have used https://bubble.io in the past. It is easy to use and supports lots of functionality for simple/traditional apps. Check it out!

nokode.id · 740d ago

Heard of it! will definitely try that one too! Thanks~

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manojranaweera · 736d ago

On 1st Aug, I soft launched https://skilledup.life. I built our Volunteer Market Place for Tech Startups using Wordpress. Probably the easiest no-coding tool out there.

michaelsilberling · 736d ago

My jaw dropped the first time that I used Bubble. I had some programming experience, but not enough to just start building right away, so I saw a huge learning curve ahead of me to start building web/mobile apps. With Bubble, I felt like I could do whatever I needed and spend much less time learning. For me it was super empowering to all of the sudden have all of these capabilities at my fingertips.

I also just started using Webflow for my personal blog, which is super cool from a design standpoint.

gabriel_paunescu · 740d ago

We're building an integration at naologic.com with you guys soon.

nokode.id · 740d ago

could you share more on what's the purpose of naologic?

Tnumber_App · 740d ago

I found this Adalo as interesting. You can take a look https://www.adalo.com/

nokode.id · 740d ago

Nice! heard that one too. Have you used it?

Tnumber_App · 739d ago

Not used yet. But looking forward to in the next few weeks. Will post the feedback

RoastClub.co · 740d ago

Glide is pretty cool! https://bit.ly/3gEAtc1

Unfair.ltd · 740d ago

+1 on Glide. Bubble seems better for B2B cases. Glitch has never made sense to me.

nokode.id · 740d ago

ah I never heard of Glitch before, what's that?

Unfair.ltd · 738d ago


it's kind of like myspace and github had a baby

Cloud-Wizard.com · 740d ago

Check us out clowiz.com

stuffcontent.com · 740d ago

Google Sheets :)

nokode.id · 740d ago

care to explain more?

stuffcontent.com · 740d ago

You can do a lot of stuff that would normally require code, including customer relationship management, to-do lists, metrics tracking, etc.

nokode.id · 740d ago

Got it, I like airtable more because the UI is more simple and intuitive tbh