Solution without a problem...
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I feel like I'm building a solution without a problem, could you please help?

Please answer to this small survey in comments. 'File' refers to any kind of content (video/audio/docs/photos/software/folders/ebooks etc):

1. Do you regularly use Dropbox/Google Drive/ShareIt/ShareMe/Torrents or other 'file sharing' apps or clouds, if so - which ones?

2. Do you worry about privacy when uploading your data to the cloud?

3. How do you transfer files from your phone to PC, small files/big files?

4. How do you exchange files with family members, small/big?

5. How do you send files at work, small/big?

6. How do you share files publicly (on forums, etc)?

7. Does file sharing experience feel excellent overall, if not - where do you have issues?

8. Any issues specific to receiving files? (sending and receiving experiences are often very different)

Thank you very much, I wish you all a great weekend! · 18d ago

1. Google Drive
2. No
3. Google Drive Client with local cloud files
4. Chat app
5. chat app & email. If not then Google Drive
6. Google Drive
7. Yep it works well
8. No

brugeman · 17d ago

Thank you!

manojranaweera · 18d ago

1. G Suite
2. No
3. I don't have a need, if I did, I would email them to myself or upload direct to G Suite
4. Don't have a need
5. We are on G Suite
6. - My last Exit
7. No issues at all
8. Nope.

brugeman · 17d ago

Thank you!

SamStowers · 19d ago

1. Yes, Google Drive only. I viscerally dislike Dropbox.
2. Yes, but convenience outweighs for most things (security sensitive ones excluded)
3. Usually Google Drive.
4. Also usually Google Drive, or Google Photos.
5. Small email, big Google Drive. I send a shareable link if security isn't important.
6. Goooooogle Drive.
7. Pretty satisfied with sharing overall.
8. It's pretty common for me to receive a link to a file but not be allowed access (requiring me to message the owner and remind them to update permissions).

brugeman · 19d ago

Thank you Sam for your input!

davidcrombie · 19d ago

why don't you share your linkedin profile so we know who you are and your background and interests. Then we can give you a more helpful answer.

brugeman · 19d ago

Hi David, everyone says that I should talk to people about the problem, not my solution. So I'm following that advice and avoiding the exposure of my product or myself. I think this approach works, and the answers I've been getting here and in other places are very useful. If you could answer the questions too, I would be very grateful! :)

1. No
2. I only upload to iCloud and privacy doesn’t concern me with Apple
3. AirDrop
4. WhatsApp + Airdrop if in range
5. Telegram (occasionally WhatsApp)
6. I don't
7. I love Apple's ecosystem
8. Nope

Ps. It would be good if you could share a "problem" you have in mind. It would give me the context and potentially help me define my answers clearly.

brugeman · 19d ago

Hi Roman, thank you for the input! Your perspective is really valuable and I wouldn't spoil your answers with my own context.

walleXD · 21d ago

1. Mainly Google Drive (Work), iCloud(Personal)
2. Sometimes but no solution available with ease of use similar to Goole Drive. Also, they have loads of associated services I use regularly
3. Don't really, casue most things are synced w/ iCloud. If I have to, I use airdrop
4. AirDrop / GDrive
5. Google Drive
6. Google Drive (rarely a personal use case)
7. Given the current ease of use and the device integration, I don't have any major problems. Privacy is something that's often in my mind and right now iCloud in my opinion has the best solution for it
8. not really. Sync can be janky sometimes, if I want a file immediately from a different device, sometimes it can take a hot min

Best of luck! Hope it helps.

brugeman · 20d ago

Thank you!

fernandocordeiro · 21d ago

1. OneDrive (for personal files), GoogleDrive (for shared projects)
2. Nope. I've never had any indication Google or MS leaked any file they kept
3. Rarely. Google Drive and OneDrive connects all my devices together.
4. Facebook Messenger / email
5. MS Teams and Sharepoint
6. Usually the forums itself allows for uploading. Google/MS cloud sharing otherwise
7. It's rarely a hindrance
8. Not that I remember.

brugeman · 20d ago

Thank you! · 21d ago

1. Yes. Dropbox and Google Drive
2. No
3. Usually via Telegram Saved Messages
4. Usually via email, Telegram or Google Drive
5. Usually via email or Google Drive
6. Don't really do this ever
7. No. My point 3 is insane - it's crazy how I have no easier way to transfer files between devices. iOS file management is an absolute joke
8. Not that I can think of

brugeman · 20d ago

Thank you, this is really valuable! Hope I can offer you an alternative to Telegram Saved Messages in a couple of weeks :)