Announcing Pioneer 3.0: $20,000 and a 1-month trip to Silicon Valley
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We have some exciting news! We’re adding a new option to the Pioneer offer: 2% of your company for a $20k investment, in addition to all the other benefits of becoming a Pioneer (2-month accelerator program, mentorship, etc.). We're also adding a monthlong trip to Silicon Valley with fellow founders.

We've funded 130+ companies in 50+ countries that've collectively raised over $100M, and our hope is that the new offer will make Pioneer attractive to even more startups.

Read more about Pioneer 3.0 in Forbes:

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is not 20K per 2% is a lot? I assume for the startups who already raised some money and have some traction

mario-388510 · 202d ago


WatanabeNaoki · 193d ago

Nice option. I would choose this one definately. I assume $20k a living expense to stay in the world's most expensive city for a month! I wish to live there one day.

TaladidCard · 196d ago

Great !

danielpeterdalonzo · 201d ago

What are next steps?

visawire · 202d ago

Sounds really exciting! Interesting to see which companies will be selected / what the selection criteria for them will be

nicoladefilippo · 202d ago

Who win that, the 1th in the chart?

allen_tuladhar · 203d ago

Excited to know about this opportunity, especially for those like me who are far from Silicon Valley

amandacua · 203d ago

Exciting stuff ahead! Can't wait to see the next Pioneers :) · 203d ago

Now we just need to get selected ;) · 203d ago

Very cool. Looking forward to see what's next on Twitter.

manojranaweera · 203d ago

Impressive to hear you backed 130+ with capital. Well done!

mangalpradamalaya · 203d ago

Awesome!! I will work as hard as I can to meet pioneer team in Silicon Valley.