Leaving Pioneer.
Shared by garretttemple · 21d ago · 12 comments

Hello. I am leaving the Pioneer program. I do not feel that it is helping me develop my product or move forward with it. The entire program feels like a popularity contest. I do not have any interest in being part of a popularity contest.
To everyone else here I wish you all good luck and great success. I will continue my work on my own for now. To everyone who commented on what I am working on, you fail to see what I am doing beyond the website I created; while some of you do understand that what I am doing will save lives and impact people the majority of those who commented seemed only to care about website aesthetics and not the bigger picture.

May you all find success. I have posted my final update for the coming week. Thank you to everyone.

harshgupta · 20d ago

There are many other founder communities who are more helpful, I am part of OnDeck(beondeck.com) and Founder's Cafe (https://founderscafe.io/) try joining them maybe, and got ton of great advice and feedback from them. All the best for your journey.

ashleykimler · 16d ago

This reminds me of when I used to see people make an announcement before they would leave Facebook... "Goodbye to all of my friends -- It's been good... this just isn't working for me. I can't handle all of the politics, and I need to focus on my family. Catch me on Twitter or Insta if you want to stay in touch." I would always wonder, 'How long until they're back?'

Now, for the constructive speak... Did you try Kickstarter? A crowdfunding community might be better to launch with for a product like Vibeam... And, in all sincerity, good luck to you!

arthtyagi · 11d ago

Wow, who leaves like this fr? No- I'm genuinely curious. It's like I'm in a soap opera.

Sendoff · 18d ago

Uh....Ok. Not sure if you'll even get this message but what the hey.
Pioneer has a bunch of great and not so great points.
Popularity contest in as much as you are doing work backed by evidence? Yes.
Everyone gets 20K? No. Most of us won't. Especially if you're not in a "popular"niche.
Feedback on your project inclkuding if you haven't done the work to make users or the gen public understand you value? Yes.

Your website is poor. No USP or value proposition communcated. jargopn. No messaging that resonates. Poor design. Dated. No social or other proof, use cases, faq's....I could go on but I wont.'This may not help you to produce mor or better product but it Will help you to sell more.

You've been told this by a few people obviously. Instead of being defensive about the feedback take it and evaluate it for content that is actionable. If you're getting hundreds or thousands of conversions and buys then ignore the feedback. If not then consider making some changes.

Throwing your toys out of the cot and leaving doesn't help your startup and honestly who are you hurting? Us on the platform? No. Nobody really gives a hoot about your (or mine or anyone's) presence or not unless you're a valuable member providing good feedback and content and you aren't there yet.

Anyway, thats my $0.02. It isn't 20k but there it is.

kendsouza · 16d ago

Well said..you gave him a good sendoff:)

kendsouza · 19d ago

Took a quick look at your website..looks like a bunch of hooey. If folks can't take you seriously, it is because u failed to provide reasonable details. Anyone can talk the talk of saving lives and the planet. Having said that..can't beat good ole water and soap:)

garretttemple · 19d ago

Unless you can prove to me that having a prettier website will directly improve production capacity/capabilities, I don't see a reason to change it until the production model of my device is made and working. Also, critics are not producers.
That also being said I can send you a demo video of the prototype in action so you can wrap your simple mind around what is going on.

arthtyagi · 11d ago

The passive-aggressiveness makes you sound like a 13-year-old. No, I'm not exaggerating. "The world just won't understand me. I'm so special" vibe you got going on here.

Your product might be cool but how do you expect one to know about it when you barely make any info on your site accessible? At least, in two sentences, describe on your website what exactly your product does if you want people (it's a different story if you don't want people with simple minds like us to be saved via your life-saving product) to make the effort to contact you for the demo.
Maybe there are people contacting you, good job on that. But, don't you think that there would be more people who did that if all you did was added just a bit more info (read: INFO. cause there isn't any apart from an ambiguous diagram).

Also, if you feel like you've got a point, get better at presenting it in a manner that people will/might pay heed to.
Else, no one really cares nor do they have a reason to even if you are right on some level.

kendsouza · 19d ago

I was not critiquing your website..my simple mind could not figure out what your idea or product is about. As I said earlier..it seems like a bunch of hooey:). If you had a video or more details you should have put it out there.

'I have the greatest product, you just need to believe me' is not going to cut it with anybody.

augustquarter · 16d ago

I've barely given it a go, I received an email from Andrew Ng. I'll give it a week, if there is no productivity or any potential partnerships I may leave as well. It is a risk to be spending time on here, when you can be productive elsewhere!

manojranaweera · 17d ago

Well done. I love people making decisions. All the best.

As Ken said, it would have saved everyone a lot of time if your video was on the home page.

user_1234 · 19d ago

Sorry you had such a bad experience here. I understand what you want to say because i have personally felt the same thing. Not everyone but majority of founders here they only focus on landing page design and all. And disregard the bigger picture. But i think this is how the world works in general. Everyone judges a book by its cover. Even your product users themselves are not an exception. So i would suggest you to design a good looking book cover.