Who is building with VueJS?
Shared by BobBass · 15d ago · 3 comments

I've been thrilled to see so many people use Vue for their apps. This current app that I'm building is built in Vue and I've come to learn that there aren't any true barriers. I've come across some really tricky problems and I've yet to abandon an idea because of difficulties implementing it.

When I first joined this community, it was right when Vue was surpassing React on GitHub in stars (maybe a meaningless metric). That motivated me to dive even deeper into Vue and I've only learned to love it more with time.

I'd like to casually offer a bit of assistance to anyone stuck on a problem with Vue, feel free to reach out to me personally if you're stuck on a problem with your Vue app.

It's just a topic I'm personally passionate about and I'd love to hear about your experiences with Vue, especially if you're currently building with it.

weaver · 15d ago

Vue is my frontend framework of choice!

I think Vue has a very accessible mental model for newbies, one that's a bit easier to understand compared to React. Both frameworks are pretty capable, but I think Vue is just much easier to understand! :)

BobBass · 12d ago

Have you ever tried AlpineJS or MoonJS? I've seen them both compared to Vue but I don't think either of them have that same magic.

arsalabangash · 14d ago

Hi Bob, my open-source organization grey.software uses Vue quite a bit. I found it easy to get university students who just started learning web development to use frameworks like Nuxt and quasar. If you would like to join our community and help mentor students who are building open source software, please visit community.grey.software!