I think this new voicenote thing for progress update is cool
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I think it will save a lot of time for us to review each others progress update. Thank you Pioneer team for adding this feature.

fernandocordeiro · 210d ago

Also pretty unhappy.

1. This is supposed to be a global community. It's one thing to write/read in English - to speak well is quite another. It's a discriminatory feature.
2. As a former PM, this is not how experiments should be run. You don't just drop a new feature to 100% of your user base with no prior warning. At the very least you run an AB test first or run some pilot run with a handful of users
3. It makes it harder to distinguish the good feedback from the bad. Now the good ones will be hidden by the auto-transcript issues, whereas the bad will be hidden by eloquence.
4. It's less async than text. With text I could leave the project I was giving feedback on marinating inside my mind.
5. I can't give resources like URLs and the like
6. Most importantly, I hate the way I sound!

curtaustin · 210d ago

I agree with all of this, #6 is very very important and can be tied to #1. Mental anxiety and the stress related is a real problem and can be detrimental to the entrepreneur struggling to create. If a person feels awkward about the way they sound, or struggle with the language they shouldn't feel pressured to use this feature. Thanks for stating this, it is unfortunate and I am hopeful it was an unintentional mistake to improve user experience.

bukunmi · 210d ago

I rant about this same issue too. And my post probably went into oblivion. It got removed sadly that sucks.

At least give people the option to choose between text and voice.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 211d ago

Really unhappy about forcing us to use this.
It makes it harder to capture what I said - I compare what I say each week to what I've said previously to that startup.
Abandoning text means also abandoning automatically detecting people who submit the same comments across most of their reports.

andrew-miit.co · 210d ago


It wouldn't work for me so I wasn't even able to vote. Plus as you have mentioned almost impossible to leave useful links which to me is one of the best ways to add value to feedback.

bukunmi · 210d ago

I second this.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 211d ago

Also, when it comes to receiving feedback, I'm now going to have to take the time to listen to each one and transcribe them into my own notes, so it will take at least 4x of my time. I can skim-read a lot faster than 90 seconds per comment.

curtaustin · 211d ago

I agree with all of this after a couple realized that the listener, and myself, will have to listen and vote. As well, the most valuable feature I have found was being able to refer back to feedback and links provided. If this is the way it is going in the future, it will be hard to continue.

manojranaweera · 210d ago

Hi Andy

That's my worry as well. My first thought was - now is the time to leave Pioneer. I can't be arsed to listen several times to understand the feedback. But decided to experience it first before leaving.

abdulsalaudeen · 210d ago

I'd prefer if we can choose to either comment via text or voice. Does anyone have difficulties in giving feedback? I was able to give feedback using the voice feature and now it stopped working.

curtaustin · 210d ago

Choice would be a nice option.

abdulsalaudeen · 210d ago


DotDotJames · 211d ago

much prefer text or at least let us still type out if want to instead -- if I want to talk can just use push to talk on my phone and let it locally transcribe -- and right now am an in a noisy environment so having to wait until in a quiet spot is well -- annoying

curtaustin · 210d ago

Text is more convenient to type a sentence, verify a weblink or pause when leaving feedback. Reviewing would be the same, if not more difficult due to the need to focus on the feedback.

bukunmi · 211d ago

Why not let us have the option to use one over the other if we wish to? I prefer the text feedback to voice. That's just me.

DotDotJames · 210d ago

comments as founder who's building an audio / video messaging platform:

* audio / video are great as options -- e.g., it was great when Pioneer gave founders the option to include a weekly review video -- now just do same by uploading separately including a YouTube link as part of our update

* having audio or video as only option is such a bad look for lots of reasons -- the most notable is the accessibility and discriminatory risk, e.g., below

* deaf or hard of hearing founder who not want to leave audio notes or is forced to only have access to the fairly poor automated transcripts as example

* same through lens of Pioneer as global virtual accelerator -- makes it harder for us to collaborate across language boundaries in ways similar to how others have mentioned

* lots of async reasons -- know of founder who was traveling yesterday who was forced to wait til travel ended, I was working in coffee shop, etc. - audio as only option is just ehhhhhh

* certain info hard to share -- e.g., sharing a URL is pretty much impossible

* it's also just over engineering for the most part -- if I want to dictate notes, I can just click my mic on my phone -- no real need for this, especially cuz it's hard not to wonder about privacy issues -- don't mind sharing text, not wholly comfortable being forced to use audio voice here and if being stored, etc.

bottom line -- maybe audio as an option, but really, the current implementation needs to rethought out -- heck, any other community platform pretty much only has audio has option - IG on mobile, Slack, Discord, etc.

DotDotJames · 210d ago

oh -- and the automated transcripts are basically useless -- take a look at AWS or rev.com -- pretty much had to listen to all the audio replies instead of just scanning text in seconds, so waste of time as clock-pressured founder

adeelkhan-ASI · 194d ago

How are things at sloop.ai? If I may ask.

kendsouza · 211d ago

I agree..it is cool. I rather talk than write..it comes across as genuine and is much quicker.
I had stopped giving feedback a while ago, but I will give this a shot!

mattoconnell · 210d ago

I get the speed aspect of voice, but quality tends to have a correlation with speed. The feedback I received in text was of far higher quality from weeks past. The feedback I gave was probably 10x worse this week then weeks past.

manojranaweera · 211d ago

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What's the status on https://www.skilledup.life/opportunity/cloudinfosystems-llc-109-1244-hr-volunteer/? If you have short listed or appointed any, do let me know. Do send them for training as well.


12 have signed up already.

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kendsouza · 210d ago

I did not bother to look at the transcription. Listened to all the verbal feedback and it was great. Much superior to the written feedback. There is a human touch and now I can know easily whether the person has taken the time to go through my project or not. Written feedback was never effective feedback. Most of thee written feedback I had received, was a obvious copy and paste hack with a little change here and there and useless URLs.
Verbal feedback is a good excercise. It forces you to talk..and talk you must when seeking out investors or customers. Now is a good time as any!
Overall I feel it will be good for the Pioneer community. It will weed out the bad apples and some of the fake projects.

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dumbledore-429401 · 210d ago

Did anyone get any weird feedback after the audio change? I got something very weird and borderline inappropriate but don't know if it was just transcribed badly.

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mattoconnell · 210d ago

After receiving audio feedback, I'm curious how others feel about the quality of the feedback? Also did anyone else get value in sharing / receiving resource links in feedback?

AndyDent-Touchgram · 211d ago

As I'm filling in my responses this week I realised the biggest problem - I frequently refer people to sites and podcasts. There's no easy way to enter a URL in voice.

curtaustin · 210d ago

I verbally spelled out a name, as I was concerned the transcribe would miss something in spelling of links etc...where the link involves a proper name.

curtaustin · 211d ago

I do understand the transcribing programs, ai, templates etc...to make notetaking easier. What it would miss I find, is writing forces the person leaving the feedback to be concise. I will apologize now to all...

manojranaweera · 211d ago

Had fun with voice notes. Great opportunity to pitch https://skilledup.life before I respond to the ASK.

I kept running out of the 90s. Perhaps there could be a warning 10 and 5 seconds before.

Versoly.com · 210d ago

Why are you pitching in the feedback?

manojranaweera · 210d ago

Hi Volken

That's because I genuinely believe I can help each tech company (not service companies) on Pioneer progress further with our 2,458 volunteers from 70 countries.

The trick is to unlock the volunteers by first appointing an HR Volunteer who can then manage your https://skilledup.life account and source all the talent you need.

Just upvoted https://www.producthunt.com/posts/saas-pages. Wow, you got 2,120 votes. That's amazing.

Versoly.com · 210d ago

Most of us here are allergic to selling. The second we see it we run away.

The things we love are people who ship and share results.

You would do much better if you just sticked to being helpful (no need to pitch).

Also I think i mentioned on another comment you might be doing too much.

Try to be focused. Pick a niche and dominate.

manojranaweera · 210d ago

The truth of the matter is I got to work out the Return on my time investment here. The clever founders who are commercially minded have already left Pioneer.

adeelkhan-ASI · 194d ago

Hmm I have an idea. Who is good at coding & ML?

curtaustin · 210d ago

Went through this process very concerned after feedback, did not get as many done as usual. Surprisingly tiring leaving feedback, found the feedback more thoughtful and helpful as the tonality and inflection emphasize the good and bad like normal conversations. Still miss the link feature when feedback is left, without more of a "make work" function perhaps a combination of short text and max time limit on vocal is in the future.