More well finished products coming up more often on pioneer
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Most founders I have talked to, are unaware of pioneer and I always encourage them to join. Off late in the voting section (when we give feedback) I'm coming across more and more well finished and good scaled up products (rather than projects).

It makes me feel lagging sometimes too.

manojranaweera · 4d ago

When did you start here? I started on 1st Aug 2020 when I launched Ours is far from well-finished. It took 176 days (nearly 6 months) to sign 100 volunteers. I actually lost faith in Jan. But having reached 100, we added the second 100 in 35 days, which is today. Hope we could add the next 100 in 3 weeks. Where are you with your product? Not reviewed it recently, but definitely reviewed in the past. · 4d ago

Thanks for your response Manoj! I started >35 weeks ago, when this was a side project, to May, 2020 when started working full time on my passion :)

Yup, you did review me, we connected over email too!

Just making sure, I don't want to be appearing as ranting here, but it's just that the idea has been to evolve as a project with Pioneer, I'm sure people enter at different stages. Mostly it gears me up and is inspiring, but yes, the comparison does kick in some times and it has been a little more than usual off late. Just human tendency! · 4d ago

Also, I've recently onboarded a few interns to speedup the development and divide work (taking out my savings now), this is thoroughly based on market feedback. We've crossed 26k sign ups (unevenly distributed), adding almost 1k sign ups month on month.

manojranaweera · 4d ago

Alexa ranking 810,934 - well done. · 4d ago

Thanks a lot for the encouragement Manoj :)

manojranaweera · 4d ago

Wow. Massive growth compared to us. My first real milestone is 1000 volunteers. My costs are so low. I have one employee. I am on maybe 1/4 of my time. We have one Volunteer who came on board last week. I will add more later but this is enough for us right now. Well done by the way. · 4d ago

Please don't feel that way. It should all depend upon the progress. As long as you are moving ahead - you are fine. Keep it up :)

Sal · 4d ago

Yes! +1!

KaylaBens · 4d ago

Keep setting ambitious goals! Use them as inspiration and keep talking to users. It takes time :)

CryogenicPlanet · 4d ago

First I wouldn't worry too much about it everyone succeeds in different timelines.

That being said, I think this is an effect of a few things. There are pioneers who have been playing the tournament for a while. Wouldn't make sense to compare yourself against them. Or companies/projects that have already been built coming onto pioneer, again would not make sense to compare yourself against them. · 4d ago