The smarter transcription service I want
Shared by AndyDent-Touchgram · 105d ago · 1 comment

I'm tired of being in an intimate relationship with Graham.


Well, the most common way that Siri describes Touchgram is touch Graham and it's getting a bit annoying having to correct that.

I think out loud, a lot.

I want a really robust transcription service that saves me having to either transcribe my ideas from scratch or go in and edit stuff, often so scrambled it makes little sense.

I describe complex programming models, UI ideas and data compression. Lots of tech terms show up. I need something that learns from being corrected.

To be corrected, it needs to have the audio at that point available at a click, with the ability to scrub back a few words to get context.

Does this exist?

Is this a Pioneer I've missed or forgotten, or something else I just couldn't find?

Am I being unrealistic?

I'm married, straight and, sorry Grahams, I'm just not interested any more.

kendsouza · 105d ago

Looks like Graham touched a nerve there and Siri did not make it better:)

As for the service u need, whatever exists now just scans the repositories and gives you the closest stuff as per the trained different than Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant. CV or AI are all the mining. They are all going to get better at doing the grunt work..and the reality is ..they are not going to provide u context or take over the world with their intelligence..because there is none there:)