Telemedicine: Heart rate monitor using a webcam
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Detect heart rates using a webcam. In the age of lockdown and covid19, it is desirable to be able to measure health metrics via the internet. This heart rate detector is a step in that direction. In the future, this can be overlayed onto video calls, etc to help in tele-medicine.

The system works with just about any video footage and is implemented using NodeJS, Python and OpenCV. The software uses the image’s red channel and measures the average optical intensity in order to estimate the heart rate. As long as the user’s head doesn’t move too much and the lighting is good, it only takes about 15 seconds.

Demo Video:

Demo website:
Note: you might see other users
Note: Works best with firefox

Ankit Chiplunkar :
Animesh Singh :



trentonbricken · 814d ago

Cool idea, but it seems like you have replicated the work of one of your citations ? What makes this different?

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Standalone vs deployed as a web app

sean_solo · 814d ago

Super! I saw this done by a startup team at a RockHealth conference back in 2012. Any details on what might have changed since then? It's using subtle color variation on the face indicating a pulse, right?

dcg · 815d ago

Also think this would be very cool to just overlay on Zoom, for fun.

deliverator-845270 · 814d ago

its finally active as a webapp:
Note: you might see other users

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yev · 814d ago

This is super cool!

nell-077457 · 814d ago

Looks good. What kind of model are you using for your detection?

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Currently, we aren't using any model here

snoreflex · 814d ago

Interesting, which dataset is this built on? Or heuristic based?

hermione-865170 · 814d ago


shawn · 814d ago

This is an interesting idea with immense potential. Especially in times like this when we don't want to overwhelm the healthcare system

ramji · 814d ago

Good job!!!

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Thank you!

p_q · 814d ago

I hope the government doesn't see this project

hermione-865170 · 814d ago


mynameisJura · 814d ago

Good computer vision application. How accurate is it?

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Just an MVP, we haven't investigated the accuracy yet.

josefran · 814d ago

FYI, if two or more people are using the website at the same time in the output window you can see the other person's feed.
Great idea nonetheless!

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Yeah, we found this while developing and mentioned it in the post. It would take a bit more work to get it running correctly. Thanks for the feedback!

miguelrochefort · 814d ago

It would pair amazingly with my Fitness Camera project! Any idea how much work it would take to port this to Android?

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Android also has OpenCv4Android available as a SDK so it won't be that hard

quocanh · 814d ago

That's super cool!

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bionic-hra · 814d ago

Pretty cool!

braddwyer · 814d ago

Really cool, love these creative computer vision use-cases. It looked like your heartrate was fluctuating quite a bit during the video -- perhaps a confidence score might be useful.

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Yeah that would be great

furiosa-357279 · 814d ago

This was very interesting and impressive! great work :)

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mendes · 814d ago

Someone actually did it! wow, nice!

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princess-leia-251050 · 814d ago

very interested to see this!

hermione-865170 · 814d ago


nell-182215 · 814d ago

Quite interesting!

hermione-865170 · 814d ago


nathanganser · 814d ago

That's really impressive! Nice job!

hermione-865170 · 814d ago


han-solo-880285 · 814d ago

Will be interested in how it will be done in such a short time. Kudos to you guys.

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Thank you so much!

kamesstory · 814d ago

Super cool - I wonder how this changes in efficacy with different types of webcams? Really great idea though! Maybe expand into fever detection later as well!

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

The results would be varied based on the quality of the feed ig

sunim · 814d ago

With a little bit of spice of custom algorithm (maybe deep learning), this idea would be great. Maybe a mobile app with a frozen graph might do wonders for offline usage

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Yeah that would be great

juliegoat · 815d ago

I'm very interested to hear about how this would work!

deliverator-845270 · 814d ago

its finally active:
Note: you might see other users

hermione-865170 · 814d ago

Finally it is complete.

mendes · 814d ago

I am at ease knowing that someone made this