Shopbot: A salesbot that helps restaurants/shops stay in business
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Project description:
What? Following the theme of "Uploading the real world to the Internet", our team will build an e-commerce chatbot to "Upload restaurants/shops to the internet", enabling brick-and-mortar small businesses to sell their products online without having to set up any website or webshop.

How? Powered by Facebook Messenger, restaurants/shops will have a chatbot that lives inside their Facebook Page. The bot will present products to visitors, let them add products to their basket, checkout and pay for their orders - all within Facebook Messenger.

Why? We find this case useful for many restaurants affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. In Vietnam, for example, small businesses and consumers are used to interacting with each other via Facebook Page and Messenger instead of websites or webshops. With our solution, we help them leverage their existing Facebook Page and Messenger to give a full e-commerce experience to their customers, complete with checkout and payment. Restaurants also have access to their own dashboard where they can manage their orders and products. With this, we will also help restaurants avoid staff lay-offs by having them deliver food.

Public-access results:
Shop owner's dashboard (use any credentials):

Initial design:
An example case:
An example flow of visitor's interaction with the chatbot:
Shop owner's simple dashboard:

Team members:
Crys Nguyen
Cuong Hoang
Long Tran
Huan Doan

Git repo:

parzival-427448 · 854d ago

This seems great for small local shops that relied on foot traffic or nearby customers. Nice Job!

Deleted · 854d ago

Thank you! We hope to help actual businesses after the hackathon as well!

rahulgs · 854d ago

this is cool! i'd definitely use this for my dad's business

Deleted · 854d ago

Thank you! Where are you based?

nmtan · 854d ago

I think a lot of businesses are in need of this right now. Good on you for building this!

Deleted · 854d ago

Thank you @nmtan! We hope to bring this solution to real businesses, too!

amiya-98 · 854d ago

This idea sounds great!

Deleted · 854d ago

Thank you @amiya-98!

ninamaria · 854d ago

Great concept! What’s the intention behind Facebook messenger for e-commerce?

Deleted · 854d ago

Thanks for your comment, @ninamaria! The reason is twofold:
1. FB Messenger has all the APIs ready for this, and;
2. Since we're using the case of restaurants/shops in my country of origin, Vietnam, FB Messenger is the only primary way of communication.

deliverator-009880 · 854d ago

very innovative

deliverator-140970 · 854d ago


sunnymodi · 854d ago

Great demo.

ender-016049 · 854d ago

Nice job creating this! Good luck!