In my opinion visionariness of large companies is limited by their size
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Cars seem to be the most popular means of private transport today. Whereas there are lot of different brands out there, the majority of them produce vehicles that look the same. It partly comes from the limits that the market's regulations impose, and partly from the fact that at first extremely innovative solutions are not that comfortable like the ones people already got accustomed to because require the people to learn how they work again. Hence, we come to a paradox that the size of the companies and the number of people who use their products limit their visionariness because implementing such an innovation is risky and disturbs their sales results.

And here is where startups have the edge. After implementing extremely weird innovation even just several customers is more than none, hence they are allowed to be innovative in such an extreme way.

I am curious of your thoughts on this thesis.

sebastienpatino · 82d ago

Exactly, corporations don't need to take risks because they already did during their start-up stage. Once they are stable, it gives them comfort which fights any urges to take those risks. Start-ups need to be inherently risky in order to be successful in the beginning.

Raubo · 78d ago

Interesting. From what you say, you see it as a "comfort" and hence a positive aspect of company's maturity, whereas I see such a stabilization as its failure because its "think different" is replaced with "think safely".

Sendoff · 83d ago

There are a number of reasons why big companies aren't hotbeds of innovation. A lot of it is culture. For heavily regulated industries like automotive it is exceptionally difficult to enter the market due to the numerous barriers. It seems to me that it is this issue, probably more than customer adoption of new technologies that leads to a low number of startups in the field.

Raubo · 78d ago

What barriers you see?