Podvertizer.com's progress update - June 23rd, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Brandvertisor is display advertising marketplace helping brands, ad agencies and website owners to build direct advertising ROI partnerships

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

☐ Create 20 industries listings in Marketisor > Fiverr+PeopleperHour < Youtube video to link them in description for SEO
☐ Outreach 10 performance brands CMO to test influencor.com interest
☐ Outreach to 50k contact forms - Telemed companies to offer marketing > X leads?

Done 5 industries listings in Marketisor > Fiverr+PeopleperHour < Youtube
Outreached 10 performance brands CMO for influencor.com > slow
X Sent 50k contact forms > X leads
helping 2 publishers: 1 -$5k / 2 - $20k/m from regular Adsense to grow by +50-100% > we take 5-10% rev

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

● Brandvertisor database update - 100k websites
● Upload 20 more industries listings in marketisor > fiverr > peopleperhour X leads
● setup 3 publishers profiles

What would you like feedback on from the community?

Do you want to exchange backlinks into our startups blog posts?

Project website


naologic.com · 481d ago

very interesting project! How are you thinking about fundraising? If you need help let me know. Here's what I usually do https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Dcdy4B5axBA-oyoEVjYBES3SFdOdftvn/view?usp=sharing

Podvertizer.com · 481d ago

Absolutely Gabriel! I'm adding you on Linkedin.

Kitchenery.net · 481d ago

Very nice, eye-catching and simple UI for the website, Add a FAQ section to address common questions from your customers. Also adding a blog section would be great as users can read your content and is a free marketing technique and you can share it on other platforms to get more traffic on your page.

GiveInternet.org · 481d ago

I suggest you reduce number of texts on your landing page. Seems to me too overwhelming and needs high concentration for users to understand what you offer. Also I would highlight why is you product different/better than other similar products

Podvertizer.com · 481d ago

Great points, thank you!

katapultads.com · 481d ago

I must say, I was a little confused. There was a lot of information (and a few grammatical errors) that made me think a little too hard. I'm not sure why Buzzfeed, Medium, and HubPages are in the middle of the page. Also, have a consistent font, in my opinion. Otherwise, I understand your idea, except I'm not very sure what is "start-upy" about this. It seems like it will take off, but I don't see the massive growth.

acal96 · 481d ago

It looks interesting, so this is basically from advertising and publishers, so they can have a detailed profile of them to established potential partnerships?, right?

Podvertizer.com · 481d ago

Correct. And all those profiles organized into the leading statistics websites categorization from Alexa, SimilarWeb, iAB etc, so ad agencies can easily media plan. Once both sides meet through the profile, they can build direct advertising partnerships and scale the ones where it's ROI wise.

clubavatar.app · 481d ago

Hi, good project. Great progress this week!

on-aku.com · 481d ago

Great work! I love your idea. Keep on working.

Bizzly.com · 481d ago

This looks really intersting. Looks like you're making a lot of progress, keep it up!

sheep · 481d ago

Great progress. I would change the font on your website. It looks slightly amateurish. There are lots of great fonts on Google Fonts.