Landing page conversion rate target for a consumer SaaS
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Hey Pioneers!

My landing page ( conversion is 21.7%. Meaning that out of 1000 visitors I got 217 early access requests (9 questions form completed with real information).

Is it great, okay, or bad for organic traffic? What are your numbers?

Ps: I don't buy any ads and all these people came mostly from my Twitter activity like comments, RTs.

McKayla-Berry · 14d ago

According to this article, you're absolutely killing it.

Yeah, I saw it. It doesn’t look trustworthy tho :)

McKayla-Berry · 13d ago

Probably true. Where I work we're well below 1%.

manojranaweera · 14d ago

How did you work this out?

What do you mean? 21.7%?

manojranaweera · 13d ago

Do the second page they visit is considered as the conversion? Is this using Google Analytics or something else?

I count a visit as converted when a person opened a landing page, clicked a "get early access" button (which redirects to an Airtable form), and completed a 9-question request with real information.

I do use google analytics for the landing page and mixpanel for the app.

With G analytics I only track unique visits, sources, and demographics. To calculate conversion I took all unique visits (998 at the time of the post) and responses at my Airtable db (217), so (217/998)*100 = 21.7%