Is Pioneer Worth It?
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We have been using the Pioneer platform for a few weeks now and can see some value in it - but the reward at the end is so small even if you get selected.

We have just been approached by a VC firm who were recommended us by another member here in Pioneer. We are sorting our pitch document now with the view that we will get around £250,000 investment at this stage to commercialise our asset.

I am wondering if Pioneer the true benefit of Pioneer is not the funding itself but the platform that makes you keep your goals and progress in-mind weekly.

Would love to know more about how others are getting value from being on here? Are there other platforms that help you track and manage progress?

julieannsherlock · 5d ago

Hi, new here so only finding my way around. Am excited that some people are finding it a valuable space. As a small content agency, we are mostly hoping to develop new networks here and help startups achieve their content goals, so I suppose that is where the value is for us.

reecejones · 29d ago

Hi! I'm new here haha so pardon if this is out of place.
First of all, congratulations on the funding offer! I'm sure there's some relief and excitement there, as there should be.

From what I've seen, the value in Pioneer is a community and opportunity for growth from 0. The way I've conceptualized it, is slow growth turns to exponential growth. Depending on where you are on that curve, 20k is a lot or a little. On the same curve, hopefully one day, a 250k investment is nothing!

Pioneer seems to be worth it depending on where you are and what you need. Everything is personal.

Best of luck! Lunch is on you haha.

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Sendoff · 29d ago

Hi, there was a thread about this a little while back. Tldr is the peer review and the accelerator network. · 23d ago

I've gotten really great feedback during the few weeks I've been participating, so definitely worth it for me so far. Not so concerned about being selected as a Pioneer.

kamilmouthon · 28d ago

As someone that gets really excited about ≠ ideas, I find a lot of value in pioneer and gamifying the creation of a startup, it helps me keep myself accountable and also it can boost your mood when you go up in ranking!

David_Shaw · 26d ago

Yeah - I am thinking that this is the real value and that the funding part is largely just a marketing thing to get users rather than something that will add any value to the start-ups on here. · 29d ago

Peer review (both ways) just as beneficial to give reviews as it is to get reviews. The score dynamics help keep you aware of your situation and motivated to grow.

David_Shaw · 26d ago

Yup. 100% the thing I think that adds value on this platform... Would be interesting to try and get some bigger players on here to outweigh some of the really poor and unmanaged projects - maybe some sort of moderation would help keep the quality higher.