Launched on Product Hunt! -> Drop-in audio & video chat for remote teams
Shared by mo · 36d ago · 12 comments
sole-fields · 36d ago

What are all of the channels you're hitting in order to drum up excitement about the post? Am always curious to hear how much of it is personal emails / DMs, etc.

mo · 36d ago

Most of it is tweeting it out from my account 2-3 times.
Then friends, emailing our subscribers, posting in Slacks, or maker groups I've been contributing to, etc

sole-fields · 36d ago

Have you launched before or is this the first time?

mo · 36d ago

Second time, first one was way more successful in terms of PH upvotes

sole-fields · 36d ago

How will you push this post to the #1 spot? :)

mo · 36d ago

I don't know :) I think team products and paid apps are harder to push to the top.

NFT-gal · 36d ago

This is exciting! #2 at the moment, well done.

mo · 36d ago

Thank you!

FounderMeetsCapital · 35d ago

Looks like a great product. I upvoted! would love to connect further and learn more about the two of you. lets connect!

kendsouza · 35d ago

Great job on the launch and also acquiring users. You get my vote.

manojranaweera · 36d ago

Upvoted. All the best.

We use Google Chat as it's free. How does Noor compare with Google Chat?

We now have team members (including volunteers) from Brazil to Vietnam via the UK and Sri Lanka. Is it just for the Mac? Only two of us are on Macs.

Sadly I am not looking to pay for tools at this stage of our development. If you can offer 15 seats free for 12 months, happy to use and provide feedback. Otherwise, not for us. But wish you all the best.

Klog · 36d ago

Similar discussion to what I'm having in another thread:

How do you account for the visual context of being in an office? The biggest impediment to true remote serendipity for me is just that I have no idea what my coworkers are doing in any given moment. Are they up and pacing around? Are they focused and don't want to be bothered? Existing solutions like Tandem offer the ability to see if your coworker is in chrome or github or slack, but they don't have the body language aspect. Is it possible to solve for this issue or not?