Meet the Pioneers - June 2021
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Welcoming 5 new teams into the fold!

Michael & Oscar :
Jenil Thakker :
Kai Christensen :
Nico & Victor :
Chris Chen :

manojranaweera · 95d ago

Congrats. It's surprising to see a number of companies I have not come across. All the best.

sole-fields · 95d ago

Congrats all!

Starview concept is really cool, would be surprised if others have yet to try something similar. Seems inevitable.

slee · 70d ago


hugomontenegro · 91d ago

Grats to all the teams. Some impressive projects up there. · 92d ago

Great to see Ethi and Coinvise making the list after a long grind! Well done everyone.

kendsouza · 95d ago

Great job, guys!

McKayla-Berry · 95d ago