As a founder, how do you deal with legalities when you co-founder is from a different country from you? For example: Salary and Taxes
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sam@novamoney · 146d ago

I spend a lot of hours reading about taxes, accounting, legal... Only to realise that it's a grey area. So I'll just do pick the most optimal setup and check with other similar founders if they reached the same conclusions.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 153d ago

The USA is one of the more complicated countries with the mix of state and federal taxes and also lots of horrible stuff around how they tax startup option grants, rules for interns etc. Cannot be more specific without more info on geographies. I understand the Aussie system and many of the USA implications. · 153d ago

Hmmm, that's interesting.

I'm in the U.K. I reckon the experience will be a little different.

mattcrail · 155d ago

What specific legalities are you talking about?

For us, the company and I are based in the US and my co-founder is in Poland. We had our lawyer file the 83(b), and then we use Deel to manage his contract/salary, but that's all we really have to manage. · 155d ago

Thank you.

Our team members are from several other Locations than the CEO & Co-Founder and with our current state, Deels won't be cost efficient for us. Just wondering if there is another way.

braddwyer · 156d ago

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manojranaweera · 156d ago

I don't have co-founders. Typically, the CEO has to wear many hats including dealing with legal. Obviously, jurisdiction matters - hence where you register your company. The co-founder would need to follow the jurisdiction of where the company is registered. · 156d ago

does that include about Salary and Taxes?

manojranaweera · 156d ago

You could write an agreement in such a way that the individual is responsible for paying taxes in the country s/he resides in.

If a dispute arises, then the law where the company is registered takes priority.

Best to consult a HR lawyer. · 156d ago

Thank you.