's progress update - January 10th, 2021
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What are you building, in a sentence?

achoz is an open, free, and wild app to organize all your data offline first on android/linux: instant search files, emails, calendar, etc.

What are your KPIs?
Launch the product or a demo
Goal: February 28th
Current: On schedule (Last week: On schedule)
Get subscribers for achoz
Goal: 8
Current: 3 (Last week: 3)

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

week 61

achoz is just a small project from a much bigger idea (ahoxus), but it should be the focus for pioneer from now on.

- we have to prepare a plan for this year for ahoxus.

- get a cleaner landing page for achoz.

- continue achoz development.

plenty of work for a week.

all done!

- the plan was presented in the annual meeting, and it went good.

- the page isn't so cleaner yet, but at least it's updated.

- the new found host lead to a few discoveries and almost even got to be made into the new, clean, and effective demo landing page. almost...

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

got a lot of life in front of this week. the car is fundamental to living in the woods in my current state of ahoxus development, and it's now broken.

so just 1 goal: get the new landing page, with or without the demo.

oh, and remember to call back jamie!

What would you like feedback on from the community?

no feedback needed this week. in fact, this could be our last week on pioneer. more about it on the comments

Project website · 322d ago

I'm not quite clear on the background of the app or the goals moving forward. So cant really provide any concrete feedback · 322d ago

thanks for your feedback and honest, anyway.

the uncleanness was more than expected. it'll get much better soon!

mewtwo · 322d ago

Sorry to hear that your car broke this week. Hope you're able to get the new landing page up and running! Achoz sounds like an ambitious project, and it would be interesting to know the problem that you're trying to tackle, and for whom. Good luck with getting everything up and running again! · 322d ago

hey again julia!

it will happen this week... but without the demo, it won't be much. the car is hopefully already fixed so the prospect of doing it is now pretty good! great week start.

the problem is stated there: organizing data for anyone (starting with myself). it's basically the same as google in their early years (even before gmail), but using only open source and the ecosystem, instead of constantly trying to re invent the wheel.

this may eventually grow as a syndicated web search, but since we're not looking for fame, money, or power, you may never hear of us again, even if we do become oblivious like gnu.

and thanks for all the cheering! ^_^ · 322d ago

Actually I don't see any flaws in Pioneer platform, though support is indeed not responsive. Feedback has been doing great impact in our case. Sorry to see you go, but feel free to discuss your Pioneer experience if you want to. · 322d ago

i'm not keeping track, but the last one that filled the bucket for me, for instance, was losing everything i wrote in a comment because of how poorly the data is handled here. that, in itself, is bad because all this could be happening over email, in which such data loss is virtually impossible (all email clients have better standards for this than all browser text areas).

but the whole format also makes the feedback way too superficial most of the time. and i don't think i ever got any engagement from anyone here over all this time. the biggest someone engaged for was a few days, only within this comments section. almost all feedback is also very redundant because of this.

if you didn't have anything like this before, like we in the beginning, it is amazing. but in less than a couple of months you'll see what i mean.

thanks for reading before commenting. that already gets you to less than 40% of comments!

ps: lookuq seems nice. but is it open source? or any real plans to make it so?

I agree that losing comments is an unacceptable bug. Hope it won't happen to us.

Re: feedback, I think 50% is superficial because people are so busy to dig into the details and really spend time criticizing or giving advice. But one way to help players give better feedback is to lay out clear KPIs and ask specific questions. We ourselves need to brainstorm about what we really need feedback for, instead of asking generally about product and website. This too is hard. But the feedback we get is worthy.

Re: Lookuq, we are not thinking about making it open source, because we don't have the resource for that and haven't figured out a feasible biz model yet. · 319d ago

in fact, perhaps the only biz model i know for open source is having the resources first... but that doesn't mean just getting more. it means, above all, spending less. this isn't, as well, just about money.

really good point on working to ask better questions. i'll try that before leaving. · 322d ago

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mwangazabidiiproject · 322d ago

This is a great idea and i like it. Keep it up! · 322d ago

Good job!! · 322d ago

yay! · 324d ago

# demo

3 weeks ago we were accepted in digital ocean's "hub for good" for 1 year.

1 week ago (on this update) when finally we managed to start moving here, we found about meilisearch, which might be exactly the simple search tool we were looking for.

except it's been much harder to get it started than anticipated. if it continues like this in this week, then it'll already prove itself to not be our magical wand.

but there's still some hope it'll turn out to be only due to our inexperience with it...

# pioneer

there are many little flaws and the benefit of getting weekly feedback for achoz is actually way less, ironically, than it was with ahoxus.

perhaps also because we're here for over 1 year, the little flaws are growing to bother us more than they should.

on top of it, the support from pioneer have been unresponsive, so there seem to be little hope they'll get fixed, unlike in the past.

if this week it continues as such, i promised myself i'll be out. just not sure what that means exactly yet but, above all, it means stop spending a few hours per week doing all the reporting and feedback work in here.

it was a nice ride.

and who knows what lies in our future together...