Zoomy - Host & Join Collaboration Games with Friends & Strangers
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Project description:
Zoomy is a place where you can host and join different collaboration games and play with friends and strangers over the internet.

Team members:
Kinana Joudeh
Muath Juady
Reema Riyad

Git repo:

* Front-end: [%65 completed]
* Back-end: [In Progress through Firebase]

Demo Video: https://youtu.be/S9GwFqGHZNE

radihuq · 854d ago

Great idea. Whenever my friends and I have our Zoom hangouts, we always get bored and wonder what we could do... this could be the solution? Good job :)

dcg · 854d ago

Yes! You may want to find Sean on Slack, I think he's trying something similar.

easygov.app · 854d ago

Fun idea! I love the simple and intuitive UI.

mynameisJura · 854d ago

Simple and neat. Reminds me a lobby at old warm online strategies

geekysrm · 854d ago

Wow fun time pass during these times!!

gandalf-999529 · 854d ago

Fun idea hahaha