taishikato's progress update - July 5th, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?
AskMakers - The aggregated place for Q&A with experienced makers💡

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?
・Write a newsletter📧
・Add WHO IS MAKING AskMakers section on the top page👨‍💻
・Add Email notification feature when a new question is posted❓
・Get a notification when a new user signed up on AskMakers (by Zapier)
・Add bookmarking favorite answer feature🔖

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?
・Write another newsletter
・Reach out potential users (10 people)

What would you like feedback on from the community?
If you don't want to sign up on AskMakers, what makes you think so?

Project website

propagate.at · 74d ago

Whoa. This app sounds super great! Would love to use. Star and Message me so that we can talk more about your project.

taishikato · 73d ago

Hi! Thank you for saying it! Would love to talk!

on-aku.com · 74d ago

good job! I singed up your app. I guess your app help me

Lankinen.xyz · 74d ago

I wouldn't sign up because I feel like I can always reach out to anyone via email or twitter. But if someone is here he/she probably answers much more likely so I would sign up if there was someone I knew or wanted to ask questions from. I kind of feel that it doesn't make sense to ask questions from third best person because they might give poor answers. Blind leading blind situation. Hope this helped!

HiarcDB.com · 74d ago

I feel like in a way you're competing with a google search, which is not a bad thing. Definitely need to figure out how to surface the best answers.

Detless.com · 74d ago

How large do you see this getting? The TAM seems pretty niche.