Podvertizer.com's progress update - October 6th, 2020
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What are you building, in a sentence?

Podvertisor is a peer2peer podcast sponsorships marketplace helping brands, marketing agencies & podcast hosts to build ROI partnerships.

What did you accomplish this week? Did you do everything you planned?

1. Onboard 2 brands: build offers & influencers program
2. Invite 100 micro-influencers & podcasts to become brand ambassadors on giweaway/$/% for #1.
3. Brand.cm marketing proposal/landing page
4. Monetize leads - Quora/Reddit answers
5. PR leads at Linkedin outreach to 100 CMO

~1. Still in development < onboarded 1 clothing D2C brand
X2. Next week
3. marketing.brand.cm
4. 30 mins daily: monitor-answer
5. 50 added > 30 msg > 2 interested

CTO is working on marketplace.podvertisor.com from a to z
https://bit.ly/3iQJrmD - 4 potential paying clients

What do you want to have done by the end of next week?

1. List 50 brand ambassadors programs @Brand.cm
2. Outreach 50 D2C brands for 360 D2C brand marketing services for Q4
3. Outreach 50 influencer agencies > offer podcast ads partnership?
4. Outreach 100 funded companies > PR services
5. Start micro-influencer offers<>posts tests!

What would you like feedback on from the community?

What is your marketing & sales plan for Q4?
How do you convert your website leads into paying customers?

Project website


coalfacer.com · 376d ago

Well done.

I'm still waitlisting most inbound leads.

edition.so · 376d ago

Good idea, given there are so many podcasts out there.

At initial stages, by not offering a free plan or max. 14-day trial or something, you can try to convert leads into customers.

karmabot.chat · 376d ago

Cool concept, good progress, keep it up!

roboflow.com · 376d ago

Great progress! If you haven't yet, consider reaching out to Mat Sherman from Forward Thinking Founders to go on his podcast. I suspect you'd have many potential customers listening.

Our marketing/sales plan for Q4 is to onboard our newest hire, ramp up processing our inbound signups (80 per day), and develop industry-specific marketing pages to target. We convert leads through consultative/challenger selling.

Podvertizer.com · 376d ago

Thank you for the suggestion! That's a solid model!

Thanks! Constantly refining; suggestions welcome

GrowthChannel.io · 376d ago

Great progress and a very interesting project you've got there! Definitely interested to explore collaboration opportunities for us too :) Are you open for a commission based deal...?

Podvertizer.com · 376d ago

Thank you! We can have commissions on marketing.podvertisor.com packages?

TheLiveSimulator.com · 376d ago

I do gov sales so not relevant for me. But you got the right idea having featured podcasts - You might also want to have a "listener count" or some analytics, if I am an advertiser, I'm going to shop for a certain tier - so if I am amazon with audible, I want the highest count, but if I am a smaller business, I want to be able to filter that

Versoly.com · 376d ago

We do product launch marketing (build stuff and launch it on Product Hunt etc)
Let them try the product :) #product led
Maybe sponsor marketing podcasts?

Podvertizer.com · 376d ago

https://podvertisor.com/category/marketing/1 choose 10 and we can outreach them for you for free :)

everypagehq.com · 376d ago

Solid progress, the marketplace sounds like a great idea!

HorizonWeather · 376d ago

Best of luck!!

Anyuniver.com · 376d ago

Please make it so we could see podcast metrics, not just a cover picture. I think this thing alone would make your traction skyrocket.
Metrics are:
1. Daily/monthly listeners
2. County/Language
3. How many episodes per month (daily, monthly)
4. Average length of a podcast

Or simply ask brands what metrics they look for!
Without metrics on display I think it would be hard to attract partners

Podvertizer.com · 376d ago

You are absolutely right! We're requesting average download & audience details during the onboarding process and we will require analytics from the podcaster for sponsorship episodes over time...
Once we have that data we will enhance the database and addon those filters.

Anyuniver.com · 376d ago

Are you using WordPress for your website? If yes, what plugin/etc. do you use to show these metrics and add filters? It could greatly help

Podvertizer.com · 376d ago

No Wordpress. Problem is not showing the metrics, the problem is acquiring them at first :).