I made my first $ on the internet!!
Shared by hugomontenegro · 17d ago · 6 comments

Probably a small step for most of you, but today Namy achieved it's first $ in MRR.

Yesterday I finished training the new AI model, deployed it, and then made a small twitter announcement (~300 followers).

Today I check my dashboard and I see: $1.23 in commission fee! O:

Someone had bought a domain that was suggested on namy for 9$, of which namy earned a 15% commission fee.

I know it's not a lot, but it made me super excited to see :)

yotastamou · 16d ago

Congrats!! To the moon!!

hugomontenegro · 16d ago

jb · 16d ago

That's positive. Thanks for sharing your excitement with us! I was also like this literally jumping on the floor when I made my fist $30 on the internet. It's not about the buck, but the sense of validation that your hypothesis showing some early signs towards success and believing that it is possible to make money with your creation on the internet. Although I don't make much money, but for me the next/following sales does not bring the sheer excitement as the first one. Just merely optimizing for making money is not exciting. Instead, you get your thoughts and bundle it as a product/feature and ship it to the people and when you get their positive reaction this I find as real never ending cycle of ecstasy. It's all about the ideology/ideas, changing the status quo, rebalancing the incentives game and bringing/convincing people to make a conscious decision of a choice on your ideas. It turns out you are free to play this game, and you can do anything you want.

What's more exciting is that we are on the Pioneer Tournament and my incentives are totally aligned with theirs. Show them some sparks, and they will put kerosene on it, meaning you will not only be able to bake food for yourself but for the whole community super quick. I am very happy to be here, and when I see Daniel Gross and his henchmen making a new Pioneer content, that makes my anxiety go away. I need to send them some love. How do I make them happy? Should I kiss them or hug them? :) Ahahaha

hugomontenegro · 16d ago

Totally agree JB! It's really all about seeing the reactions of people.

Frankly, I have to admit I just like staring at the graphs of people's activity and what prompts they enter. It's so much fun seeing someone use (and enjoy!) something you've built! Gives you a great sense of pride.

And yeah, Pioneer is pretty great. Feedback I've received here has been invaluable.

kendsouza · 17d ago

Wonderful, Hugo! you did it ..earned that first dollar of your creation..enjoy the moment.

hugomontenegro · 17d ago

Thanks Ken!

Funnily enough 2 separate people donated (yes, DONATED!!) $5 to me. Just randomly. Was super cool to see (obv I sent them thank you email)