I made my first $ on the internet!!
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Probably a small step for most of you, but today Namy achieved it's first $ in MRR.

Yesterday I finished training the new AI model, deployed it, and then made a small twitter announcement (~300 followers).

Today I check my dashboard and I see: $1.23 in commission fee! O:

Someone had bought a domain that was suggested on namy for 9$, of which namy earned a 15% commission fee.

I know it's not a lot, but it made me super excited to see :)

yotastamou · 96d ago

Congrats!! To the moon!!

hugomontenegro · 95d ago

kendsouza · 97d ago

Wonderful, Hugo! you did it ..earned that first dollar of your creation..enjoy the moment.

hugomontenegro · 97d ago

Thanks Ken!

Funnily enough 2 separate people donated (yes, DONATED!!) $5 to me. Just randomly. Was super cool to see (obv I sent them thank you email)

ElijahMizrahi · 96d ago


hugomontenegro · 95d ago

Totally agree JB! It's really all about seeing the reactions of people.

Frankly, I have to admit I just like staring at the graphs of people's activity and what prompts they enter. It's so much fun seeing someone use (and enjoy!) something you've built! Gives you a great sense of pride.

And yeah, Pioneer is pretty great. Feedback I've received here has been invaluable.