What's your productivity routine?
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I wrote this blog a while back about what helps me stay productive and stop from getting overwhelmed or burnt out.

The keys for me are:
- Plan my day - pick out the things I want to get done and have them in a list so when I do get overwhelmed, I can just move on to the next thing on my list without overthinking.
- Use a timer - I set my timer for 60 mins, and then take a 15 min break (used to do 51/17). This breaks up my work and helps me stay focused while also giving me a chance to refresh.
- Use the breaks - step away from my desk, get some exercise or fresh air. Or sometimes browse Twitter on my phone on the couch.

What works for you?

donychristie · 217d ago

Have you tried Focusmate? You might like it. I use it quite a bit, including for doing my evening routine script (which involves planning my day the night before).

I don't know how to break though! I typically continue thinking about next tasks. I should go for a walk or something else embodied and nonthinking. Also Twitter is horrible for my productivity, I'll get sucked in for hours - legitimately addicting!

I want to start using my timer to put a ceiling on how long relatively unimportant tasks take.

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mattcrail · 220d ago

wow this is great stuff.. thanks for sharing.