Pioneer Alum Flock (now in YC) PH Launch - show some Pioneer Comm Love
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Pioneer Alum Flock Launched on PH - leave them some comments please? They had good upvotes but few comments about Aaron Ng’s transformational product (3 when I last checked). If you’ve been here you know it is a killer solution, so maybe take a moment vote and comment today if you get a moment?

Many thanks in advance.

manojranaweera · 41d ago

Don't know them but voted. · 41d ago

Thanks Manoj!

Aden · 43d ago

Looks good - just checked it out! · 41d ago

Thanks Aden! · 43d ago

Upvoted :) · 43d ago

Thanks! BTW, I've been bragging about your product to several people. It's awesome and worth way more than $99 bucks! · 43d ago

Thanks :) I haven't gotten new ones from your coupon yet, but will look out for them!
We also launched a (free) Startup Growth Checklist with Taskable this week, check this out >> · 35d ago

Hey, its kind of amazing that you two put that together in a couple of weeks! It reminds me of something that Branch Metrics did years ago with a launch checklist.

They had a fair amount of money behind them at the time and an entire team working on it. They are still one of my favorite companies (they totally reinvented what you could do with deeplinks in objective C/iOS). But the list you put together with Matt is more far more useful because of how you can interact with.

I fully expect to see the Pioneer icon next to GrowthChannel in the next month. Expert move! · 43d ago

Wow, that's really cool! Also, Matt's UI refresh is a great step forward also. Teamwork - Nice!