What today’s social apps can learn from Web 2.0, the social network revolution from 15 years ago at andrewchen
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A good, if not slightly shallow, look at the future of consumer apps. I am personally excited for greater interactivity across the board. And to see where the NFT spike leaves us.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 31d ago

Wow. He just articulated practically every major point of Touchgram as being the next generation!

next generation of social is necessarily a reactionary movement:

small networks or algo-driven big ones

creating real connection with people

letting creators own their audiences

monetizing directly with subs, NFTs, etc

evolving media format towards interactivity


kendsouza · 24d ago

Web 2.0 is just a term. The technology for the internet is still the same. Yep..it has become better and you have more choices. Did not undertand this guy doing a LOL on Ajax! It is javascript..which has evolved to better frameworks with React , Angular, Typescript etc.(still javascript). There are failures and successes as new use cases for the internet comes along..social is just a use case for the internet. Successful creators always owned their audiences and will continue to do so whether it was on compuserve, AOL, Netscape in the beginning and then facebook, twiiter, youtube etc.

macOS · 32d ago

Thank you! The author looks very excited about the prospects. However, the another respectable guy Michael Burry slams the NFTs. It'll be interesting to watch how this hype turns into something tangible.

AndyDent-Touchgram · 30d ago

What I liked about the article is that it's not another booster piece for NFTs. He mentions them multiple times but alongside other monetisation structures, and the bulk of the piece is about it being a reaction to the status quo.

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jerico · 32d ago

Would've bought his book if not for the expense.