Anyone who have launched?
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I've noticed when I gave feedback that most players on pioneer haven't launched yet even those who got selected for *pioneer*, just wondering if anyone of you have a product that people actually use and is growing.

Kryotech · 638d ago

My app is Vox Messenger - the first consumer available post-quantum secure end-to-end encrypted messenger. We actually launched some time ago on both Google Play Store ( and Amazon App Store ( We now have over 1,000 users and is growing every day. We're currently only on Android at the moment however we are working on the iOS and Desktop versions at the moment.

coreydaniels · 639d ago Launched as an minimum viable product about 5 months ago. Been continuing to ship features week by week.

alexwick · 629d ago We build climateTech. Our first app is called CODEX, and is a Crowdsourced Carbon Offset generator for climate change awareness. Check out 'Fitbit for Carbon" at, and if you have an iPhone, visit from your mobile device to download.

jorgegarcia · 631d ago we launched this year, yes, during covid19 pandemic. Got more than 20+ people using our "amazon lockers for craigslists!" pandemic surge block us from having people after we launched so we use that time redesign and improve our infrastructure. we are growing bit a bit ! we are working to push our next hw/sw iteration, maybe even pushing form an mvp to our production 1.0, who knows. · 631d ago Launched last week!

ramraghavan · 638d ago - Launched the professional wellbeing aspect. Still working on the personal wellbeing side. Now trying to get customers to use it

vanessaonugebu · 638d ago

Launched beta platform a while back. Been a slow but occasionally rewarding growth. And it's open to the general public. · 638d ago Launched on Android a few months ago planning to have iOS out by the end of the month.

cilliancollins · 639d ago Has just launched our beta. We previously had people testing it out for free, we got our first annual subscription this week.

CryogenicPlanet · 641d ago

I launched around two weeks back and it has had decent usage, hard to point growth surrounded by all the launch buzz but yeah consistent users and growth is much harder than launching

ZESHAMA · 640d ago

Congrats on launching I gave you feedback last week cool stuff

manojranaweera · 641d ago

Yes of course. took me few days to build and soft-launched. Growing is another issue all together.

erabose · 625d ago

I registered, couldnt find my location hahaha

manojranaweera · 625d ago

I'm sorry. Need to sort that out. Thanks for registering.

ZESHAMA · 640d ago