Brief Launch Story Of My Product Sety - please read
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I launched my product Sety late September. Growth was very slow at first, we only crossed 100 users after a week and I was so worried, even though I had no marketing budget. I had just shared the app with people on WhatsApp, Twitter, family, etc.

On the first of October, I woke up with 118 users.

We have a severe issue with police brutality in my country Nigeria you see, and I went on Twitter and found the "End Police Brutality" hashtag trending. I had an epiphany.

I pretty much built a danger zone reporting functionality into the core tech of my app, so I only had to make few adjustments from the server to include a new category for police brutality.

I did an update to the Twitter page specifying Sety can be used to report police brutality incidents, it blew up.

We got 8k users in 24hrs, and we're currently on 12k+ users. Still without paying a dime in marketing and promotions.

Our server crashed, and I spent the better time of the night scaling with my engineer and worrying. We are currently working to scale up the backend, add new functionalities like video stream/archiving, machine learning, social media integration, and many more free/premium features.

The timing was perfect and now people. It was the trojan horse because now people use the app for so many other purposes.

Looking to expand the team and hire more people to take my idea to the next level.

Always ensure you listen to users, follow trends, be quick to decide, and make sure you build your product such that you can quickly make changes to address a certain need if falls within the scope of the problem you want to solve.

Happy to take any questions in the comment

Thank you all so much for reading

Amazing story. Looked into your Twitter. "Never waste a good crisis" however it's like a cheat code and doesn't tell you how much your app would be in demand under more normal and peaceful circumstances. Remember it's a marathon and not a sprint but very well done. Don't forget where the real war is besides the one you see in the real world unfortunately

adetiwa · 31d ago

Sure, I totally agree.
Thank you!

taigakobayashi · 31d ago

upvoted! congratulations. You got 12K+ is amazing!

adetiwa · 31d ago


Great stuff, all the best. Love this ingenuity. Hows ML helping you? And what are the major use cases people are using it for?

adetiwa · 32d ago

Thank you.
Using ML for predictions, analyzing danger zones based on data so users can get an idea of how best to move around areas they are not really aware of.
People are using it to report incidents happening to them and the app notifies their circle, people within a specific mile radius, and authorized agencies.
We plan to include streaming into it asap, and improve the entire functionality

What data do you get to predict danger zones?

adetiwa · 32d ago

At the moment, manual inputs by users. We going to be scraping data from different articles and new source too

Thats super cool! Would love to try the app here in uae · 33d ago

I love how you've communicated the value props on the landing page and congratulations on the exponential growth! I can't remember where I read this quote but it said that "startups that shift and adapt quickly according to the needs of their users are bound to succeed." sounds like that's exactly what happened with you guys. I wish you all the best man!

Quick question, can it work anywhere? Or the localization is built for NG only for now?

adetiwa · 33d ago

Thanks, David. I appreciate it.
Yes, it can work anywhere, even now, however, we're targeting specific regions.
And it's still a new product that comes in just one language (English), so we plan to allow more languages, scale the backend and make it a lot more stable, increase the core features, add and test premium features in different locations, and officially launch in most countries we believe the app is needed.