What are the KPIs to build a New World's Fair?
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Certainly an an ambitious, worthy project: a new World's Fair, dressed in 21st century splendor. The most likely case is that the vision will swallow the project.

In Pioneer style, I'm curious to hear what you think the KPIs for something like this should be if taken seriously. In my mind, there's an exciting MVP here: setup a one-day conference showing off 2 very cool, very different, very new technologies. Ideally, too, they should originate from different areas of the world.

jeremyorr · 300d ago

I quite like the broad idea but I don't have the more specific vision that you have. So if I was just joining your project, I think a KPI I would want to work on early is identifying 20-30 contributors (are they private businesses, governments, trade groups, industries etc) and doing some in-depth interviewing and understanding of what the ROI would have to be for them to participate.
For example, your MVP is showing off 2 different technologies, does that mean 2 businesses, or 5 businesses for each of the 2 technologies. I would not be super excited to go and see 2 businesses at a 'trade show' but 10 businesses in 2 emerging technologies, that I might pay admission for! But what do those businesses expect out of it? can you promise 20,000 attendees, or whatever they feel is a good ROI for them.

I think you have a really great goal, but need to work on how you balance all sides of the 'marketplace' to make it compelling for everyone to participate.

JayLewis · 300d ago

Love it! The point about ensuring there are multiple businesses within each category of new tech makes a lot of sense.

I emailed the guy who's starting this. We'll see what comes of it!

jeremyorr · 300d ago

Awesome and good luck to you and the other fella!

phaethon-psichis · 307d ago

The design of world fairs has been presented as a significant event in the career of architects and the history of cities. This approach though is misleading. One has to look into the evolution of the design of cities to find the roots that generated the events-places that today we know as -trade fairs. Hope this answers your question

JayLewis · 303d ago

Hmm, not sure it does. Mind clarifying? It seems like you're saying this format is misleading because world's fairs were historically meant to show off architectural feats? Why should that preclude a new world's fair?