It is already second time i am not picked up by pioneer
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I feel that there is some internal issues or misunderstanding my mee how pioneer works.
It is already second time I am receiving email and it says that :"You are not picked up, try again"

I wish they gave us more information on why the pioneer team did not pick me.

Who feels the same?

zainzaidi · 181d ago

I feel the same. I would like just a bit more feedback on what we could do better, instead of the standard denial emails. But just keep on working hard and if the team at Pioneer see's progress then I am sure you will get selected. Even if you dont just the fact that you are making progress is something to be proud of.

ptmn · 181d ago

I think even you have feedback from a core team of Pioneer - it is also not useful. It is similar to when you pitch VC and they say no. Anyway, you should not let those give you a permission to build a great business.

The most successful founders are the most resilient.

oras · 180d ago

That's not my experience. I have received feedback from Andrew (core team) and it was direct to the point on how to survive my startup from competitors.

ptmn · 180d ago

It would be great when you can actually implement any advice into your startup. The role of mentor or advisor is more about being a cheer leader and/or a coach. The best startup people learned in the experimental process.

Anyway, may you live long!

oras · 180d ago

You made your decision based on what? I didn't even mention what did he say or how I implemented his advice!!

ptmn · 180d ago

To be honest, you should do what you believe. Whatever it is because it's your life and your journey.

Ryan_Sentience · 181d ago

What is your annual revenue (ARR) and how long have you been playing Pioneer? DG says if you can get to $10k ARR quickly then you're very likely to to win. If you haven't reached $10k ARR then why are you complaining?

There are typos on your website and some images aren't loading. It doesn't look like you tried your hardest. If you aren't trying your hardest then why are you complaining? · 180d ago

Currently, we will make $60K in ARR and forecasting that will end up this year with $100K.

Slouischarles · 178d ago

How much are you making now? · 178d ago

$5K in MRR and increasing monthly 10-20%

alessandrosolbiati · 180d ago

"DG says if you can get to $10k ARR quickly then you're very likely to to win."
Interesting! Source?

Ryan_Sentience · 180d ago

$10,000 in ARR....If you make it this far quickly, we'll gladly fund you. We'll incorporate your company, fly you out to Silicon Valley, the whole shebang. (I can't blindly commit to this, obviously! But the odds are very, very high.)

ogboremmanuel · 181d ago

It's normal, you need to show impressive progress to get selected.

Miriam_Dorsett · 181d ago

I have yet to be picked and recently have learned that this challenge was about that. I would say just stay focused on what you're building. If you want more feedback apply for the live sessions they host on YouTube. · 180d ago