I forgive you all for ignoring the feedback requested
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I have been here for two years now.

Pioneer is now full of all sorts of nontech startups.

Most do not respond to requested feedback. Just type stuff that has no benefit.

Pros and cons of being here. Will hang around a bit more.

Still think https://skilledup.life can help quite a number of you.

kyleborg · 3d ago

I am new here and just starting out. But I was inspired by skilledup.life. It is in my opinion an excellent solution for those who seek training to find a demonstrable growth in their skills. I have often had to start with volunteers, but they were always excited as I took the time to mentor and give them the experience that makes them more appealing to companies that would pay them.

I have it on my growth plan to see if there is a fit for someone looking to manage social media, our community. I will let you know when I have used your product and provide feedback around my experience.

manojranaweera · 3d ago

Thanks. We are all about letting our customers build whole teams, i.e. product team, user acquisition team, support team, HR team, marketing team, etc

As the number of team members you can have is unlimited for the same subscription price, we remove a lot of constraints for self-funded tech startups.

Kyle, what are you building? Got a URL handy?

manojranaweera · 4d ago

I had 4 reviews today. Let me show how bad Pioneer is today compared to a year ago.

cashflux · 6h ago
[Transcribed audio]: My dad is a beautiful budget just by his thought alone, giving me the confirmation that they really know what they are doing and there work and actually achieved everything they want I think. Mhm. This is beautiful.

dishwasher · 6h ago
Install AdSense to your site.

1 answered the feedback

1 gave a review when I did not ask for it.

withprisma.com · 4d ago

This seems kind of passive aggressive ;-)

manojranaweera · 4d ago


FelipeReyes · 10d ago

Hello. I see you are a top 50. Have you been waiting to get funded for 2 years now?

studyboards.net · 4d ago

Pioneer is like pissing around in a circus; I don't know for whose amusement. If you see the winners, it's been literally the same 4 or something for months now. I occasionally get messages saying that many people win within 2 months, so I should just keep going (oh but, just in case, be aware that some have been going at it for over a year).

I do it to gauge some kind of pattern from the feedback, to see if I'm going in the right direction. But it gets disheartening when one week you get 7 ups and 0 downs, you make some progress, and two weeks later you're at 3 up and 5 down, just because of how I phrased some stuff in the submissions.

It's very little to do with the real (or potential) value of the product and mostly about that first, emotional impression, which I try and avoid myself when giving feedback (not that aesthetic isn't a factor). But, I don't think most people in the world are self-aware enough to NOT react like that, even though you would think that, here, they would process things a little more carefully...but who's got time for that?

manojranaweera · 4d ago

Hi Mike

This is my analysis based on being here for 24 months

1. Pioneer is just a front
2. They pick who to invest not based on anything you and I do.
3. You should treat Pioneer as a place for accountability (especially if you have no Board) and building relationships.

In our case, I share occasional wisdom (been building tech startups since 2004, have my own tech founder community whilst building two tech startups - https://skilledup.life - free talent for tech startups https://deallite.uk - intelligence on UK tech companies and investors backing them).

I am here to help other tech founders like yourself by providing free talent once subscribed.

All the best

manojranaweera · 10d ago

I don't want any funding. I didn't join Pioneer community for that reason.