Looking for a tech advice.
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Hey there. I’m working on a project in the design-tech space, and I am looking for advice from someone experienced in using tech to generate images and graphics. If you fit the bill ( or know someone who does), please let me know. Cheers! M

yashb · 15d ago

Hey Martin, could you describe a few areas where you need help? Or the challenges you're running into?

martinsmillers · 14d ago

Hey, I'm looking for advice on this topic in general. Nothing too specific, at this stage. I want to create a tool that uses data inputs ( style references, mood boards etc) to generates graphics and images. So far I came across OpenAI's GTP-3 experiments and some examples using procedural generation. Keen to explore more.

affordance.app · 11d ago

We are working on a platform for finding technical experts. Let me know how we could make this more useful for you

AndyDent-Touchgram · 12d ago

I've not done a lot of generative art but much experience in 2D and some 3D creative tech. Mostly things like 3D CAD, 3D movie rendering & a whole bunch of 2D drawing and layout engines over the years. Most recently, of course, Touchgram's firmly in this category. (Most of those features not yet exposed to end users).

I'm currently in love with the ridiculous compactness of using graphics shaders https://www.shadertoy.com/view/ltffzl generating https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiF5Tlw22PI. (turn the sound up)

I discuss my use of them at https://tinyurl.com/tganim

Long-term ambitions to do much more generative stuff.

martinsmillers · 10d ago

Thanks, Andy! This is great!

NFT-gal · 14d ago

Is this text => images? What's the context?

martinsmillers · 14d ago

Yes, that's definitely something I would be interested in.

NFT-gal · 14d ago

Honestly not sure if it relates exactly, but have you seen https://paint.wtf/?