Making the world’s first universal healthcare system
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We are an all purpose medical platform that connects patients with doctors, patients with health insurance companies and patients who cannot afford their treatment with our volunteer doctors.

In Pakistan there are 85,000 female doctors that are being forced to stay unemployed (Source: Pakistan Medical and Dental College) and in India almost 2/3rd of female medical graduates never work (Source: Mumbai Mirror). When the whole world is facing severe shortages of doctors we in South Asia are sitting on these invaluable resources.

Before the pandemic hit, medical tourism wa booming in South Asia, patients from North America, Europe and Australia would travel here to get their medical treatments taking advantage of our low foreign exchange rates.

For our patients in South Asia, Africa and Latin America where people rarely have health insurance we will provide them access to health insurance companies based in USA and Europe.

Medical licence requirements: As these female doctors does not know who will they marry and would they have to settle abroad (arrange marriages are the norm here) they appear in foreign medical licensing exams for example USMLE or MRCP (UK), a good number of then even travel and complete their residencies there.

As we do not have technical knowledge to build and launch our platform. We would like to issue an appeal to join our platform, if there is any doctor, biotech expert, a health insurance expert, finance, crowdfunding and marketing expert.
Anyone with prior incubator, accelerator and startup studio experience.

We would like to hear from all of you the above URL is our pitch deck, please go through it.

You can contact me on my email.

Ahsan Tariq
Founder of MobiDoctor (MD)

kendsouza · 170d ago

First of all..'universal healthcare' in the west means free or subsidized by the government whether it is NHS in the UK or medicare in the US, Canada, Australia etc.
Also the medical degrees from countries like India, Pakistan etc are not recognized in the western countries like US. They have to recertify and redo their residencies. Sometimes those degrees are acquired through dubious means because it is is possible out there because of corruption..and folks will do anything to acquire that status they can get grooms or brides or there is no way of knowing the difference between a quack or a genuinely trained doctor. so that 'pool of doctors' does not mean anything.
And by your own words you neither have the technical or domain expertise.
So..what exactly is this system you are building and seeking money for?

khawajaahsantariq · 170d ago

It is a pretty common practice for Doctors in South Asia to travel to US and UK and attempt USMLE and MRCP and complete their residency their so they are eligible to work there.
Secondly, if you take into consideration our foreign exchange rates, South Asia becomes a very cheap options from North America, Europe and Australia.
Thirdly, our platform at first will be launched locally and only those that have medical licensing exam (that you can check on PMDC's website).

kendsouza · 170d ago

There is nothing new about doctors wanting to immigrate to western countries and medical tourism which has been around for decades.
What is your platform specifically about?

joshbrill · 169d ago

Look into no-code development platforms. I'm not sure how good they are because I haven't used them myself but if you can't hire a developer right now it'll get you started on building the platform. At the very least you'll have a front-end prototype that will show an investor how it's supposed to work without it actually working yet.

peter_retief · 169d ago

There are a lot of levels when it comes to healthcare, your primary care is the largest and probably is the area that could improve the most with technology.
It is a worthwhile pursuit but you will find obstacles in legislation and entrenched corporations creating barriers of entry.
Maybe the barriers are there for a reason?
Good luck.

Sendoff · 170d ago

A worthy but difficult (impossible?) goal. There are obviously a number of challenges but if you're passionate about it and can get the economics to work then more power to you.

I dont't see a clear value prop in your slide for users and that is a major point you need to get across. In your user's shoes: they don't care about south asia's economic issues, they want help with a medcal problem, cheap, fast, reliable, confidential etc.

What are you offering me? Why is it better than what I can get in my local area?

Check these links out for help with your pitch deck:

the 10 slides needed:

Great teardown and lessons

many good examples

manojranaweera · 170d ago

You may want to rethink your brand name - unless this is you!

manojranaweera · 170d ago

Hi Ashan

The font on your team slide is so small I could not read.

Saw that you need $50k to launch. Take a look at - our 3,191 volunteer army can be unleashed to find the users you need for your produt offering. Feel free to drop me an email if you are interested in understanding how you could leverage our free global talent pool.

MobiDoctor - is this based on Mobile Doctor? It's not a great brand - not inspirational. Just my opinion.

Slide 1 - you are trying to do too many things. Which one would you do first? In the UK, we have so many apps which does this already. However, this has not stopped new entrants.

Slide 2 - Good stats - so this is about immigration. Yes, UK definitely needs more doctors.

Slide 3 - no relevant to doctor brides (slide 2). As salary isn't the issue for the doctor brides - isn't it more cultural and family issues?

Love to know more. I work with number of UK healthtech companies in the UK through is one of our companies.

All the best