Looking to partner up with other startups are you down?
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We are in a great place and I feel that their are some great ideas especially if we merged some ideas or even partnerships. Snounds is open to working with other platforms that will help both parities...

AndyDent-Touchgram · 20d ago

I'm certainly very interested in working out partnerships with other creative tech and marketplace startups - I remember we had a great chat on the call 11th Dec.

Touchgram has had the ability to use sounds either from other apps or dragged across from your Mac via AirDrop for some time, either to be triggered on first entering a page or reacting to touch.

One of the things I have to work through for Touchgram is exactly the right sort of licensing agreement for artists providing visual or sound assets. The composed message is only ever played back by Touchgram so I'm not hosting an independent web store where digital asset files can be downloaded and used elsewhere. So I need something more like a photographic release where the artist is not surrendering copyright, just granting a performance right for their work to be reused inside a Touchgram.

That sounds simple, but strictly speaking, it fails to cover if someone wants to post a twitch stream or a gif of them playing a Touchgram experience.

Just a reminder that, if you're involved in any kind of license, you should watch for resampling/recording rights.

jermainevanryck · 19d ago

What is your contact information

Kryotech · 23d ago

Am open to collaboration opportunities. I've worked with musicians and the sector itself a few years back doing work for BLK Productions and Grime Daily. Even got to appear in a couple of music videos. Anyways - I've seen how exploitative it is so I really like your idea. I do encrypted messaging and data. So could provide a secure messaging and data transfer system for your artists. I've also designed my own encrypted alternative to Facebook that could be rolled out as a next-gen rebirth of MySpace as an example. I see opportunities here. Feel free to send me an NDA and we can get chatting.

https://kryotech.co.uk - https://vox-messenger.app

jermainevanryck · 23d ago

Both seem really cool!! It would be great to share some ideas or talk founder to founder about different ideas.. do you have a LinkedIn so we can contact

manojranaweera · 24d ago

I can't see any synergy with any of the stuff I am doing today. Here's my asset list http://manojranaweera.me/portfolio. If you see anything fitting, do let me know, please.

I'm generally up for collaboration where it makes sense.

jermainevanryck · 24d ago

Thanks we will look into it