Getting new users & leads
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Hi, everyone!

My co-founder & I are working on an automation platform for SaaS founders that speeds up the repetitive tasks needed to get to Product-Market Fit. Over the past month, we've observed many posts on the forum asking important questions about getting new users, generating new leads, building traction and growth, pretty much every day. So, we've worked on a few ways to automate lead generation and tackle the biggest challenge that we all face - getting new leads & converting them to users.

If this is an active challenge for you currently or you are interested in the idea of automating parts of your user acquisition process in general, we'd love to have a quick chat with you. You can schedule a call at your convenience here: · 20d ago

Sounds interesting! Looking forward to the call

kaizenfox · 20d ago

Hey Tony, thanks! We look forward to it, as well. :)

Atlas7 · 22d ago

Hi, Love to connect in May once our MVP is live. Built a marketplace for the best innovative & independent brands in Outdoors, Food, Style and Protective Gear (Masks etc.) - think of us as a "shoppable" magazine that we curate.

As we are a double sided market, we have the sellers (amazing makers - see our IG @makersfinders) and "seed" buyers / finders (our friends who are photographers / influencers / creators / chefs etc.) so discussing automating user acquisition is of interest, and we have access to different segments of users through our influencers.

Posting now, so we can connect even though I am not ready to until we launch the MVP end of April / early May.

Again to get a sense of the level of maker we are curating, go to our insta @makersfinders - currently our website has a gate / no access, just a sign up page. Have a great day

kaizenfox · 22d ago

Hey, thank you for writing in. Makersfinders looks really good and well curated. I can definitely see how we'd be able to help the marketplace at scale, not just with acquisition but also with onboarding and engagement workflows that we have already automated. Godspeed with your MVP, let's connect again once you've launched. Cheers! :)