Y Combinator - Top 50 Software Startups
Shared by NFT-gal · 258d ago · 5 comments

22 YC companies valued at over $1B. Pretty amazing considering over 2k companies have gone through the program.

Fun fact:

16 of the top 50 companies use Ruby as one of their programming languages. Those 16 companies account for 61% of the total valuation of the top 50. Second most is Python at 32%.

For all the flack it gets, Ruby remains a contender.

manojranaweera · 258d ago

Strangely, our largest company (https://techcelerate.ventures/members) is built on Ruby. They have a lot of trouble finding developers. I don't think any of the other companies use Ruby.

commudle.com · 257d ago

We're using Ruby too!

NFT-gal · 257d ago

Ruby squad! It's all I know :)

commudle.com · 257d ago

Once in my last company we rolled out applications and actually were surprised to find a good number of applicants from large scale startups where ruby was being used at the core app.

NFT-gal · 257d ago

Super interesting. It's got legs, I suppose. Or else it's just remanence of a bygone era.