How are you dealing with less traffic this month?
Shared by manojranaweera · 150d ago · 27 comments

Less traffic means fewer new users, customers and transactions. How are you dealing with this?

Are you accepting it as it's the norm? Or are you coming up with outrageous plans to make Dec the best month for your business?

BoyAlex · 150d ago

For us, we know that December is always a downer (we serve instructors/teachers, they basically take several weeks off this time every year). I think it is less effective to try and turn December into an up month, rather than turn an already promising January into a doubly-exciting month. Think of it this way: double something that is a half, and you get one. Double something that is a two and you get a four! People are more receptive and fired up about starting a new year (at least OUR users are), so that's the time to reach out to them.

manojranaweera · 149d ago

It's probably not the same with us, as we have access to unlimited talent. The new team that joined has 12.5k Twitter followers. Who knows, he might just be able to swing things around.

joshlim · 146d ago

Second hand pages might help? I have some with 15K - 50K likes. Though the followers I have are mainly from Malaysia.

manojranaweera · 149d ago

Customer side - added the 9th customer today. Another ideal scenario. 1 man band. A great case study in the making.

manojranaweera · 149d ago

What's your startup Alex? Got a URL.

BoyAlex · 149d ago

We make software for teachers/instructors, yes we're at :)

kendsouza · 150d ago

Hey...Matrix 4 is out today in the red or blue pill for me..the chill pill helps to get the answers:)

joshlim · 145d ago

Wasn't Googling the domain name, I literally Google "skill up asia", without the ".com"

Okay, first off, I would recommend taking a look at what the other sites are doing, eg:

1. - Notice how many other domains they have
2.,skill%20up - People search for "skill up" more often
3. Would recommend you buy "" as it's available and not many people know the "life" extension.
4. "" is a good one to get as well, as some people may confuse "live" and "life"
5. "" is a bit costly, but worth it, though "" is cheaper, and "" is perfect
6. "" might be useful for people that type it in the wrong way.
7. is surprisingly, available. It expired last month.
8. is selling at USD1000+ but I would say it's a good buy in the long run
9. is very cheap, and you should register it, since you are based in the UK

But yeah, besides domain names:

1. When I Google "skilledup life", your site pops up, but it would be better if you also registered a Google My Business profile so that the address/location map pops up.
2. The rest, I'll need to do a proper SEO audit to find out what else can be addressed.

Hope it helps! Do contact me if you need anything else.

manojranaweera · 145d ago,skill%20up useful. I never look at Google trends.

One thing I watch is our position in the world. currently 861,348th largest website in the world. Very keen to break the 100,000th barrier.

manojranaweera · 145d ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I won't buy domains - it's a never-ending game. Will need to spend a bit more time later on SEO. We see much more value in partnerships at this stage than SEO. But I know, every little count.

joshlim · 145d ago

Domains are the way to "own" rather than "rent" traffic. You're right, it's a never ending game, but it's definitely a worthwhile investment if you save on advertising costs.

manojranaweera · 145d ago

True but I have certain stubbornness, i.e. never spend a penny on advertising or acquiring users and customers.

joshlim · 146d ago

Guys, you know we could help each other out with backlinks from each others domains right? :) For example, I see you're in Asia too - I have which will definitely rank you well.

manojranaweera · 146d ago

How would that work?

joshlim · 146d ago

Basically you have to link to each others pages, but ideally for maximum effect there should be an article on the page. Drop me a DM on Twitter? Let's work something out :)

manojranaweera · 146d ago is just a domain and not a credible business as I can gather. Am I missing something?

joshlim · 146d ago

It's a domain I own. Right now, if you Google "skill up asia", it's the top result. However yes, even domains by themselves can count towards your page ranking better. When fully developed, it would be quite significant. Do you know how SEO and domains work?

manojranaweera · 145d ago

Yours would come on top as you are Googling the domain name. I'm not an SEO specialist. We have a page ranking of 2 compared to my old tech startup having a page ranking of 7. We have not done anything yet on SEO.

Please go ahead - do teach me!

TaladidCard · 149d ago

Less traffic doesn’t mean few user ! It is also mean how is your online marketing going ?

Many technical to make move traffics such as submit url to High DA ranking site

manojranaweera · 142d ago

We are 83 short to hit December target. Had the best day ever yesterday with 62 signups.

manojranaweera · 149d ago

Just had a look at our performance in Dec 2020. We had 8 new volunteers for the whole month. The lowest month we had. Those were tough times! Not saying it's easy now!

Today, we added 20 new. So if you are reading this, feeling low, keep pushing.