Greetings from RunPTO!
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2021 has been a great year for us. We made a lot of improvements in RunPTOs functionality as per our customer's needs and demands and as a result we met our subscription goals and our modest revenue targets.

Sendoff · 141d ago

Awesome site and idea. Well done on the progress for the year and good luck for 22.

kendsouza · 138d ago

Thank you! · 142d ago

Congratulations to you and my favorite family run startup! Nice job! Like the synthesia virtual actress also, we used her for help files a while ago and it was actually lots of fun.

Happy New Year!

kendsouza · 142d ago

Thanks, Lorenzo! Next year we are going to leverage AI tools. We will try to use Synthesia's API to answer questions of prospects with virtual avatars.

manojranaweera · 142d ago

Well done Ken. Wish you a great 2022!

We got a lot of things to sort out at Looking forward to solving them together in 2022.

kendsouza · 142d ago

Thanks, Manoj!