An accelerator for hardware startups
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Hardware is hard. If that's your thing CoVentured might be of interest to you. From a recent newsletter:

"Does your Startup need a hand?
For Startups, building great hardware products is difficult. And a great product doesn’t necessarily mean a great business. The Melt is everything Startups need to build great hardware products whilst ensuring the business model is sound, sustainable and successful.
The Melt looks to work with companies that have a hardware component to their products. We work with and invest up to $150,000 in startups at idea level all the way up to and including Series A companies with strong revenues and a maturing product. We bring investment but also the know-how and our prototyping facilities to help you succeed faster. We have a full-time engineering team including Industrial designers to take your dream and make it a reality. As part of the program, we can also supply early stage business with a complete team including Principal Engineering, back office systems, Legal and Accounting as well as a sales engine.
We have no fixed intake dates and are open to working with your company today."

Link to apply:

conorobrien · 21d ago

Can I apply even though we're in the USA?

another-baggins · 22d ago

Application Start:
24 Feb, 2019 5AM

Application End:
29 Jun, 2022 7AM