How do you save things online? [Feedback on]
Shared by chinazaokpechi · 7d ago · 7 comments

There are some elaborate chrome extensions or clipper tools out there that allow you to save bookmarks of links and articles. However, I've found a number of people who prefer to just text or whatsapp themselves links or notes.

I just launched Tagpot that approaches the concept of creating and saving notes by sending tagpot a text message or whatsapp. With tagpot, you can save things like twitter threads, links, voice notes, pictures, files etc by sending an sms, Whatsapp or twitter dm.

It's very early stage but you can get a feel of how a shared collection of notes look like here:

I'll love to get feedback from the community and find out the tools you're currently using to save things online. Do you prefer elaborate tools with a lot of features? or would you rather go the traditional route and write it down?

PS: If any pioneer players are willing to try it, you can sign up at and I'll bump you off the waitlist to get feedback

Sendoff · 5d ago

Old fashioned. Bookmark or save in drafts

kendsouza · 6d ago

I use notion's web clipper. The cool thing about it is strips of all the irrelevant ads and contents of a page and saves the relevant content in notion itself. Texting seems to be an additional step. It should be just click and it is there where you want it.

manojranaweera · 6d ago

By the way, there's another notes startup on Pioneer. Can't remember what they were called.

manojranaweera · 6d ago

Can I ask, why do you want to spend time building this?

- Is it, because you can?
- You don't like the existing solutions - and yes you can build this.
- Do you think you can actually make a business out of this?

Just curious!