We just launched on Product Hunt | Highavenue - Generate a 3D model that looks like you.
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Pioneers, show us some love. :)

KaylaBens · 534d ago

Very cool! What is the business model, out of curiosity? And what's the stack you're using? Super exciting tech.

Pradeep · 534d ago

Unlike other AR consumer platforms, our vision is to democratize the creation of 3D animated scenes.

Anybody should be able to create a short 3D animation of length 15 to 30 seconds and even be a part of it. Usually, the creation of 3D animations has always been "alienistic" to the common creators & consumers. Also, it needs
- big tools to build,
- weeks to learn, and
- hours to create.
- also, it involves various stages like modelling, rigging, texturing, & then animating it.

With this version of the Highavenue app, we tried to solve the modelling, rigging & texturing part of the problem by automating the creation of 3D characters.

And in the upcoming versions, with the technologies like Body Tracking & Depth Detection etc, anybody can just hop into a 3D scene, select a character that they want to play, start acting and record. It's as simple as that.

- Tiktok lowered the video creation barrier from YouTube
- Snapchat lowered the barrier for conversations
- Clubhouse did the same for audio.
- Highavenue will lower the barrier to create 3D animated scenes with just your smartphone.

This opens a new realm of opportunities for creators and the way we tell our stories.

In terms of revenue model a the following are some the models we have in mind. We have been thinking about from day 1.

1. Straight forward donation for content using digital currency.

2. Commission from monetising premium content by creators.
Direct selling of premium assets (3D animations & scenes).

3. Exporting the 3D character through "Sign with Highavenue" to other platforms like games, fashion trials, video conferencing, fantasy worlds etc.

4. And easy to use AR marketing campaigns for Companies. (which blends in the 3D world rather than looking like banner ads)

KaylaBens · 534d ago

Nice. Love the vision.

1. Not sure how that will work? What's a good precedence / example set here?
2. Is this like NFT selling? Who is buying 3D assets?
3. This seems most interesting. How does a character from Highavenue get transported easily to another platform? What kind of file do you export in? What is a specific example of this pipeline?
4. Nice. Feels like an adworld kinda product.

What if people paid not to have ads // not to have a Highavenue watermark?
And do you imagine this becoming a form of social? Or just a means of producing and exporting cool 3D models? What if e.g. you and me are in the same room, would it be possible to have our respective AR avatars occupying the same space on both of our phones?

Pradeep · 534d ago

1. Here is a blog that Anne from a16z wrote(https://a16z.com/2020/12/07/social-strikes-back-after-ads/)
a good example with being Twitch - we wanted to do it for short format content as well. (Strongly believe in this).

Also, Anne contacted us by herself and shared her email as well on Twitter, we did email her - but still no reply, yet. Fingers crossed. I'm still yet to share my deck.

2. NFT is something we are keenly looking at. If not this is like a digital goods purchase that you make in Games.

3. FBX file format - the usual & common format used across platforms. The character can be exported to MMOs (like Roblox), Games, fashion tryouts, etc..! Developing the pipeline is a bit tedious task at the moment. But definitely, a money-making machine.

4. This is something we would like to differentiate from adworlds. Have specific ideas for it.

Now all the above these things currently under consideration. We believe this will create a new set of influencers and our first job would to make them rich. :)

I purely imagine this as becoming a social platform. While we don't have the leverage to raise funds like other social products in the US - we think we can prove it. We just built a prototype where you can easily create a 3D animated screen within 2 -3 minutes. Giving this power to all consumers can change how they consume & create animated content.

Can you elaborate on the last question a bit? Are you talking multiplayer aspect? If yes - Absolutely it can be done.

KaylaBens · 530d ago

Oh sweet! Fingers crossed indeed! Get hoppin' Anne!

Excited for you. On that last question -- yep, multiplayer. Same room multiplayer, though. Next level. Like you and me are just sitting at lunch, whip out our phones and suddenly our avatars are interacting on our respective phones... If possible, what a fun future to work toward.

Pradeep · 529d ago

Oh! this drives us through tough times :)

Thank you so much for the comments.

nitishrddy · 535d ago

This is super cool! If the model is very precise, online fashion shopping would be one application I would explore. Keep an eye out for it :)

Pradeep · 535d ago

Thank you so much:) honestly, we still have a good amount of improvements to make things very precise. Yes - fashion would be a great fit. :D

manojranaweera · 533d ago

Upvoted. All the best buddy!

Pradeep · 533d ago

Thank you so much :))

inbalshenfeld · 534d ago

upvoted you - good luck

Pradeep · 534d ago

Thank you :)

kamalsprasad · 532d ago

Wow, this looks great! Well done.

ALl the best!

Pradeep · 532d ago

Thanks a ton :)

edetekpenyong · 532d ago

Great job

Pradeep · 532d ago

;) :)

robrechtleroy · 532d ago

Doing great work! Only saw it today but still came through with the upvote!

Pradeep · 532d ago

Means a lot. :) thank you so much.

andrew-miit.co · 534d ago
Pradeep · 534d ago

Thank you so much, Andrew. We didn't make it to the top 5. Somehow PH tweeted about us. Thankful to them we are seeing a good number of downloads :)

I'm yet to look at your deck. Can I share my feedback ;) ??

andrew-miit.co · 534d ago

Would love you to, thanks!