Need feedbacks on our landing page & product (SaaS for Retail)
Shared by chuongpham · 12d ago · 6 comments

Our product is in beta. Can you trial our product and give our feedback on the landing page and the product itself? Link:

manojranaweera · 11d ago

Took 101 seconds to load the first time. Once cached just over 5 seconds.

chuongpham · 8d ago

Thanks so much! That's critical. Luckily you spotted it

I really love the landing page, especially the multilanguage selection features. It gives the users ability to explore more no matter their languages.

Well done.

chuongpham · 8d ago

My pleasure.

kees13 · 12d ago

I personally find it very well designed.
Clarity is present.
Discreetly held and very informative.

chuongpham · 12d ago

Many thanks mate!